Baker is dynamic and has many events going on

What’s Happening In Our Community?

Baker is a dynamic place. In addition to our regular events, there is always something new going on, new events sparked by the imagination of our staff, faculty, students and their families. We love to connect with events going on throughout our Chicagoland and world communities as well.

While we have almost too many events to count, here’s a sampling of what Baker has to offer.

Social Events

Organized by the Baker Parent Organization, there are many opportunities for families to come together to socialize, such as the annual Fall Bonfire, or our Book Fair fundraiser to support our library. Some events are just for parents and guardians, like monthly coffee chats and happy hours. We also invite extended family to join us on Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day.

Spring Benefit

Our big fundraising event of the year, the Spring Benefit is an evening gala featuring great food, live music, an auction with amazing items donated by the community (concert tickets, steamboat vacations, art classes and more!), and an exciting update on Baker’s impact in the lives of students and their community.

Baker 5K

In this annual event, students, families, faculty and friends come together for the traditional 5K run. Reflecting our commitment to daily physical education, the Baker 5K has provided a healthy challenge for students since 2004. It is a cooperative run completed by all students in grades 1-8. Our PS-K students complete a 1K run.

Sunrise Celebration

To enjoy the beauty of nature together as a community, we hold our Sunrise Celebration every other year. Our 3rd-5th graders gather early to walk with their teachers and family from Baker to Lighthouse Beach, where they watch the sunrise together.

Progressive Education Events


Thanks to the Betty Weeks Storytelling Fund, Baker has had the privilege of hosting amazing storytellers who have providing wonderfully enriching programming for our students. A few of the storytellers we welcomed during the 2019-2020 school year included:

Elizabeth Cambridge’s personal stories from middle school and discussion of how to tell a good story.

Nestor Gomez and 80 Minutes Around the World: Immigration Stories.

Kucha Brownlee and Baba Tony’s stories from the African diaspora and African-American history.

Earnest Whiteman’s stories of American Indians.

Lindz Amer, of Queer Kid Stuff, discussing LGBTQ! issues for young people, in part through song.

Todd Hasak-Lowy telling stories of non-violent activism and discussing Black Lives Matter.

Annual Cardboard Challenge

We encourage students to integrate art in their lives in and outside of school. For the Cardboard Challenge, we invite families to use their imagination to create something cool using only cardboard, duct tape and art supplies. Cardboard “masterpieces” have ranged from the S.S. Titanic and a canoe to a house complete with a doorbell, lights and a window box.

Baker Business School Market

In the Baker Business School unit, Intermediate students (4th-5th Grade) go through the entire entrepreneurial process from prototype to funding, real-world development, marketing and sales. The market, held every other year, is where they sell their products to the public.

In-School Events

Several events happen during school. While families are invited in some cases, these engaging events are geared toward inspiring inquiry in our students as part of our experiential learning curriculum.

Important Issues

Many events encourage students to be socially-conscious and to take constructive action. 

  • Ally Week
  • Black Lives Matter in Schools Week
  • Stand Against Racism
  • Day of Silence (against LGBTQ+ bullying)


These events are opportunities for our students to share their talents and honor a diversity of traditions. 

  • Fall & Spring Music Shares
  • Holiday Sing
  • Middle School Open Mic & Cocoa House

Active Learning

These events turn academics into celebrations of physical fitness and creative problem solving.

  • Sneaker Week (leading up to Baker 5K
  • Annual 8th Grade Boat Regatta

To see dates and descriptions of what’s coming up at Baker, check out our frequently-updated Activities and Events Calendar.

Join us for the next exciting Baker event!