Fast Facts

What’s So Great About Baker Demonstration School?

Baker is a unique community we adore for more reasons than we can count! Here are just a few facts we’re especially proud of.

Top 10 Fast Facts

1. Average Class Size: 18 Students

With smaller class sizes, students can get to know their teachers and feel safe. Teachers understand and can provide for your child’s unique intellectual, social and emotional needs.

2. 91% of Faculty Hold Advanced Degrees

Our faculty is highly trained in creative, child-centered instruction that stimulates our students’ love of learning. 100% of our faculty and students benefit from the positive culture this creates.

3. 27 Chicagoland Zip Codes Represented

One of Baker’s most important values is diversity. We believe our community is strongest when the broader Chicago-area community, and all its diversity of self-expression, is represented and honored.

4. 26% of Students are Multilingual

Our community benefits from all kinds of diversity, including language. As an extension of cultural identity, we celebrate and build our curriculum around multilingual dialogue.

5. 8:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

Our goal is to ensure all Baker students feel seen, known and cared for. We employ enough head teachers and assistant teachers to provide close, meaningful relationships with all students.

6. 95% of Middle School Students Report Being “Known by Faculty”

It’s not enough to have a goal that all students feel known. We periodically ask students to look back at their time here, and are pleased to hear confirmation that their relationship with teachers is strong.

7. 100% of Baker Students Thrive in High School

We prepare children to thrive anywhere they choose to go after Baker. Whether private or public, they’ll be ready to attend nationally ranked high schools if they so choose, and many do.

8. 5 Days of Physical Ed

Our staff and faculty understand how important physical activity is to the physical, emotional and social needs of students, which is why Baker is committed to daily PE for all.

9. Recess for ALL Grades

The freedom of unstructured play is a vital part of the day for children. While “play” looks different as children grow, 8th graders at Baker benefit from the break as much as preschoolers.

10. Full-day Pre-K and Kindergarten

We offer our fun, progressive early childhood curriculum all day long. We love watching children fall in love with learning and become confident in their identities.