Our Approach

Learning at Baker looks distinctly different from the traditional model of teachers delivering content and students reciting it back. Students here are immersed in projects that challenge them with goals they take the lead in developing, which require creative thinking and original ideas to reach. 

Why Baker

Uniquely Prepared Students

Our teachers hold advanced degrees uniquely preparing them to modify both curriculums and their approach to learning based upon your child’s unique interests and needs. Small class sizes, individualized instruction and project-based learning help ensure every student gets the guidance they need to succeed.

Learning Looks Different at Baker

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The Baker Difference

Progressive Education is an educational model that was developed in the late 19th century. Its goal is to create community of students driven not by external pressure but by the innate love of learning that shines through active participation in meaningful experiences. Get answers to all your burning questions about progressive education, tuition, financial assistance, our enrollment process and more.

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