Our Campus

This Place Is FUN!

Whether you have a student here or you’re just visiting, Baker is a dynamic environment offering exciting learning experiences in state-of-the-art facilities.

A Virtual Tour of Baker

Take a virtual tour of Baker Demonstration School and learn more about the school from the people who know it best — our teachers and students.

Dynamic Learning Spaces

Comprising over 24,000 volumes, the library features the Follet Electronic Library Database System, traditional card catalogues, experiential puppets and stage, reading circles for listening skills development, a faculty/parent collection, and student collection display areas.

Students experience drama classes, shows, classes, film viewing in our drama studio
Drama Studio

The spacious studio offers a flexible setting for drama classes, show rehearsals, yoga classes, film viewing and more. Designed for kinesthetic exploration, it is stocked with a variety of equipment from yoga mats, to puppets, costumes and percussion instruments.

Students enjoy Baker's Carlson Theater a 165-seat auditorium
Carlson Theater

Newly renovated, Baker’s 165-seat auditorium features a stage, professional-quality acoustics and student-operable lighting and sound systems.

Baker students explore learning with 3D printers, a laser cutter, stop motion video stations and robotics in the digital fabrication lab
Digital Fabrication Lab

The fabrication lab, right next to the art studio, provides another place for students to create and make. The lab contains 3D printers, a laser cutter, stop motion video stations and robotics.

The digital storytelling suite consists of a podcasting/audio lab and a green room that students use to create and learn
Digital Storytelling Suite

The digital storytelling suite consists of a podcasting/audio lab and a green room. Whether students are working on a music production project, a podcast episode or a video, the suite helps them tell their stories!

Baker students discover artistic creativity in the Baker art studio
Art Studio

The art studio supports wet and dry media, including acrylics, oils, watercolors, calligraphy, charcoal, pastels and more, a class set of table easels and supplies for printmaking, ceramics, and fiber arts. It also houses three Mac computers with photography and graphic design software, a digital projector, slide projector, and a light table.

Students explore sound, music and creativity in the Baker music lab
Music Lab

The music lab features an ever-expanding collection of instruments, including electronic keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, stringed and brass instruments and a drum set. Studio computers support the study of music theory, composition, mixing, and ear training.

Baker students enjoy athletic activities in the newly renovated Baker gymnasium

The newly renovated gymnasium contains retractable bleacher seating for up to four hundred, an electronic scoreboard, a divider curtain, and a sound system. It houses six full-size basketball hoops, manipulatives for fencing, archery, badminton, tennis, soccer, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, track and field, and more.

The pool is open and Baker students enjoy time in the water
Swimming Pool

Our four-lane, twenty-yard lap indoor pool ranges from three feet at the shallow end to eight feet. It features learning aids, including kickboards and water aerobics equipment, as well as lifesaving equipment. Water athletic equipment includes a set of basketball hoops and water polo goals.

Baker students enjoy access to two playgrounds each day

The school features two playgrounds, one for early childhood students and one for older children. The early childhood playgrounds are accessible directly from classrooms for easy transitions and safety, and have been designed to foster imagination and learning through play. The west playground encourages large motor skills and collaborative play appropriate for each stage of a child’s development.

Active Campus
Athletics Field

The school features a 14,000 square foot athletics field along Sheridan Road. One of Baker’s most popular gathering places, the athletic field is used for daily physical education, after-school sports practice and games, and mid-day recess.

Facility Rentals

Interested in renting our gym, field or pool? Contact Arona Puttrich, Director of Finance & Operations at aputtrich@bakerdemschool.org.