Early Childhood

Baker’s Early Childhood curriculum is based on the premise that children construct knowledge through discovery in free play and through social interactions with peers and adults. Beginning with our youngest students, we believe that children learn best by having meaningful experiences and by making relevant connections to the world around them. Activities focus on exploring the environment with all five senses, building language, motor, and social skills, developing individuality and fostering intrinsic intellectual curiosity in young learners. Language and literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, social studies and the arts are explored, stretching and strengthening students’ creative thinking. Baker strives to address individual needs and to respect learning style differences between children.


Baker Early Childhood Program Descriptions

Pre-K: Half-Day Program
8:30 – 11:15 a.m. with opportunity for before care at 7:30 a.m. and PLA until 1:15 p.m.
This is the perfect setting for the young child who is not yet ready for a full day of school. Children are supported through their first separation from their Primary Caretakers in a nurturing way. The day has a seamless flow of active and quiet, indoor and outdoor activity. Children are invited to build, investigate, and collaborate with blocks, games, dramatic play, and sensory experience. The children participate in-group meeting time and extensive time for choice in play. Music, Spanish class, and library are all integrated into this rich program.

PreK 3-4: Full Day Program
8:30-3 p.m. with opportunity for before care at 7:30 and PLA until 6 p.m.
This full day program is planned around the natural rhythm of the three and four year old. The schedule includes opportunities for group and independent time, balanced indoor and outdoor activity, a warm and social lunch, smooth transitions into active and rest/nap periods of the day, all in the social context of play. Skill is acquired through interaction with materials, explorations in play, guidance of a creative team of teachers, and integration of Music, Spanish and Library.

Pre-K, Three, Four and More: Full Day Program
8:30-3 p.m. with opportunity for before care at 7:30 and PLA until 6 p.m.
This program is responsive to the child who is ready for a bit more… it uses our Early Childhood philosophy in a predictable schedule that invites both group and individual exploration. Children will experience a day that incorporates a seamless flow of active/quiet activity, indoor/outdoor work, and a warm and relaxing lunch that moves into rest/nap times. Integrated into the day, as the children grow, is the use of the Project approach. Here, work around a collectively decided upon theme will integrate math, pre-reading, social studies and science. In this experience, the children will use the skills of making comparison, patterning, and sequencing…the underlying skill that is fundamental to our number and language systems.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is a multi-age environment environment beneficial to children?

Developmentally three year olds are becoming happily in command of their bodies. With a strong self-concept they have a good sense of I and you. Most threes eagerly search for a partner in play/learning and are responsive to praise. Three begins to take notice of what others are doing.

Developmentally four year olds are both expansive and magical in their thinking. (“I think it therefore it is true.”) Adults remain powerful, but now not all powerful. Four-year olds relish the leadership position and look for opportunities to show and share their discoveries with younger friends.

Three and Four…A Perfect Blend. Ages three and four are developmentally suited to work and play together. Children of these ages are skilled in estimation…of length, of volume, of number. Materials like blocks, unifix, base ten blocks, and sensory tables invite the discovery of pattern and one to one correspondence that are the fundamentals of mathematical thinking. The use of experience and project and story/narrative expand emerging language through the use of props and tools that allow for the development of pre-reading skill.

How will my child’s experience change?

Your child will experience the same child-centered, sensory rich program.  If you are choosing our full day program, it will now be one continuous daily schedule from one home base classroom.  The children will have the same blend of active/restful experience with more time to extend explorations and deepen skills. Through our physically connected Early Childhood classrooms and outdoor play spaces, your child will come to be known by all of our master teachers.  The increased time for friendship, exploration and growth will contribute to your children’s learning lives.

What is the advantage for my child?

Your child will experience a day that is more in sync with  their natural rhythms.  Children tell time by their schedules.  Within this program, transitions are fewer and developmentally appropriate.  An extended contiguous day allows for larger play/learning times that invite children to become engaged, focused and tenacious.  This new structure extends the time for engaging the whole child…intellectually, physically and emotionally.