104 Years Strong and Counting

For over a century, Baker Demonstration School has been a nationally-recognized leader in exemplary progressive education, a community that is truly global in perspective, diverse in composition, and reflective of the world.

Founded in 1918, Baker was established to provide a high-quality, innovative education for children in preschool through 8th grade. For our first 87 years, Baker was the lab school for the teacher college at National Louis University, until we became independent in 2005. 

We continue to carry out the vision of our first school director, Clara Belle Baker, ensuring academic excellence through our dynamic, experience-based curriculum that responds to the unique needs and strengths of each and every child.

Why Progressive Education?


Your child’s interests channeled into learning.


Creative problem solving sparked by curiosity.


Connections made with the real world.


Learning applied to societal issues.


Mastering how to learn as important as what to learn.


Providing for diverse social, emotional, physical, neural and intellectual needs.

Equity + Inclusion

Inclusive environment for healthy identity development.

Our Campus

Our students tend to sum up what Baker is like with one word: fun! As a parent, caregiver or visitor, you’ll notice our campus feels less like a school, more like a vibrant community center. It’s a uniquely dynamic place made truly extraordinary by the passionate people who work here.