The Baker Experience

Baker students engage in a challenging, hands-on education: They master academic content and skills by doing, rather than being told; learn to think deeply, ask questions, and support their ideas rather than simply memorizing “correct” answers; and embrace opportunities not only to learn from teachers, but also to learn with and from one another in a nurturing community. That means not just academics, but a “whole child” focus on the social, emotional, physical, and cultural development that gives a child the skills, stamina, and ethical framework for success in life.

Applications for first-round considerations for 2018-19 were due on January 31. On February 1, we begin rolling admission. All applications will be considered based on space available. We are maintaining a wait list for some grade levels, so contact us today!

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Baker Quick Facts

Educating for over

99 Years


300 Students


Baker is home to a diverse community of families


Baker Quick Contacts Directory

Denise Boswell, Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management/Academic Innovation
Phone – 847-425-5813
Fax – 847-425-5801
Randi Lieteau, Family and Admission Coordinator
Phone – 847-425-5800
Fax – 847-425-5801
Arona Puttrich, Director of Operations and Finance

Chris Reimer, Assistant to Director of Operations and Finance/Registrar
Wendy Cullitan, Director of Communications & Admissions Outreach
Merle Scharmann, Division Coordinator, Early Childhood and Primary
847-425-5800 ext 5875
Terri Nitahara, Division Coordinator, Intermediate
Tyler Leach, Division Coordinator, Middle School