Campus Tour

Students explore Baker

Visit Baker, Where Learning Comes Alive

There’s an energy here unlike any school you’ve ever visited. You feel it when you see students genuinely enjoying themselves as they learn, when you see teachers acting as joyful co-learners rather than dispensers of knowledge, and when our head of school greets them with a warm smile at the door.

That’s just a start. Come see – come feel – why we love this school so much!

What to Expect on Your Campus Tour

Curiosity Abounding

Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms
  • Witness a provocation – interesting materials children are drawn to, like a water table with droppers for bubbles teachers use to engage children in conversations about science.

Active Students

in the Gymnasium, Pool, Athletic Fields and Playgrounds
  • See 1st through 8th graders engage in daily physical education in our gym and indoor pool.
  • Head outside to check out our athletic fields, where we sponsor after-school sports events, and our field and two playgrounds, where all Baker students enjoy daily recess.

Learning Adventures

in the Primary Classrooms (Grades 1-3)
  • On the second floor, students are mastering skills in reading, writing and math as they explore themes like the properties of water or the life cycle of bees, inspired by excursions into nature. 

Creative Self-Expression

in our Library, Arts Studio and Language Classroom
  • In the library, students find inspiration and engage in creative pursuits. They make videos, edit sound and more in the Creative Media Suite.
  • You’ll get to check out our arts studio, where children are encouraged to stretch their imagination as they develop their craft. (As they do in our Cardboard Challenge.)
  • In the language classroom, students further engage with the world through the study of Spanish, beginning in Preschool, and Latin, beginning in 6th grade.

Real-World Problem Solving

in the Intermediate Classrooms (Grades 4-5)
  • Witness young people tackling big questions, learning how to conduct research, and engaging in hands-on experiences to apply what they’re learning. 
  • You might see the Baker Business School unit in action, in which students go through the entire entrepreneurial process from developing a prototype to finally selling their product.

Students Taking the Lead

in the Middle School Classrooms (Grades 6-8)
  • Up on the third floor, watch the culminating experiences of Baker students in action. If it looks like the students are leading themselves in an independent project, that’s because they probably are!
  • They may be planning an event like the Science Expo, in which 6th-8th grade students develop questions they can test scientifically and demonstrate the results (like an interactive museum!).

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Drama Room, Music Room, Science Lab and Athletic Facilities
  • Besides seeing the cafeteria you’ll also get to see where they will feed their interests.
  • Are they into sports? Theater? Music? Technology? Everywhere you look, Baker students are pursuing their passions in spaces designed to facilitate them.

We can’t wait to have you here!

A Virtual Tour of Baker

Take a virtual tour of Baker Demonstration School and learn more about the school from the people who know it best — our teachers and students.