Student Support

Baker teachers help students thrive

Helping Your Child Thrive

You have hopes for your child that are far broader than academic proficiency. At Baker, we share your desire to see your child grow as a healthy, kind, empathetic, confident person.

Our goal is to see your child thrive here at Baker, in high school and throughout life.

In addition to teachers who go above and beyond academic instruction to form meaningful relationships with our students, Baker also employs incredible student support staff. These staff and faculty members are there to provide enhanced support to make sure every child’s unique needs are met.

Social Worker

Even at a very young age, children are already complex people who bring with them unique physical, social and emotional challenges. 

Our licensed clinical social worker provides counseling to children and families when appropriate and connects families with resources to support a thriving home environment.

Learning Specialists

Baker has two learning specialists, one for grades 1-5, and one for grades 6-8 (middle school). 

They help identify the complex challenges that lead to children struggling academically, and intervene to provide students with the time, relationships and resources they need to overcome those challenges. 

Baker’s learning specialists work closely with everyone at Baker who work daily to help children thrive, from the teachers to our social worker to our head of school.

Faculty Advisor (Middle School Advisory Program)

Every middle school student at Baker is part of an advisory group with other students in their grade, led by a faculty advisor.

This is a unique role. Faculty advisors offer consistency throughout middle school and are able to deeply understand the growth that occurs in our students from 6th – 8th grade. At our graduation ceremony, the 8th grade advisors pay special tribute to each graduate, offering memories and words of affirmation. 

Meeting on a regular basis, the faculty advisor serves as the student’s mentor and advocate. They become the member of staff who likely knows them and understands their unique needs best.

High School Transition Coordinator (High School Guidance Program)

Our HSTC meets with every 8th-grade student and their family to help identify high schools that are the best fit for the pending Baker graduate. 

Whether students will attend Evanston Township High School, New Trier High School, Niles North or another public high school, or will be applying to an independent school or Chicago Selective High School, Baker will guide and support your family.

High school recommendations are informed by the close relationship our HSTC forms with students, input from teachers and the entire support staff, and interactions with high school admissions counselors at Baker’s High School Information Night.

Alumni Support

Our commitment to helping children thrive extends beyond their time at Baker. 

While all teachers take a keen interest in the high school careers of Baker alumni, one middle school faculty member is committed to keeping in touch with them as our alumni support coordinator. 

No matter where your child attends high school, our alumni support staff are there to help build relationships between them and the school. They also plan alumni events to help them stay connected to their Baker support network.

Come meet our wonderful support staff!