Parents serve, lead and support Baker

Welcome to the Baker Parent Organization!

You’re going to love it here as a Baker family, and the BPO is a big reason why. We are here to welcome you to the Baker community, to stay connected with you, and get you plugged in to whatever extent you can and want to be.

We are also here to partner with teachers to create the best possible experience for our kids. This partnership is strong, and unique in just how many opportunities you have as a parent or guardian to help make Baker better every day.

Community Connections

As a Baker parent or guardian, you’re automatically a member of the BPO! There’s no signup process. No obligation. If your child is here, you’re a part of us.

We have lots of social events you are warmly invited to attend, and joining in is entirely up to you (and your busy schedule – we know how challenging it can be to add anything to the calendar!).

  • Fall Bonfire
  • Year-end Picnic
  • Coffees and Happy Hours
  • Other Baker Events

Many events are social as well as enriching. We might meet to discuss issues that are important to our community, such as diversity and inclusion or sustainability.

Service Opportunities

If you’re interested, there are many ways to support Baker. (While families can donate to the school, Baker’s Office of Advancement handles fundraising events.)

Service sometimes involves volunteering within our community, like:

  • Helping out at teacher appreciation events.
  • Teaching extracurricular classes.
  • Drawing from your expertise to lead educational seminars for parents or students
  • Serving on our Green Team which is focused on our Teaching Garden and helping Baker work towards less waste and green practices

Service can also involve outreach to the broader community. As BPO members, families help forge partnerships with organizations to create service learning opportunities, such as Connections for the Homeless.

Serve: If you’re a Baker family, you can email bpo@bakerdemschool.org.

Communications & Advocacy

The BPO is also a vocal advocate for Baker. If you have a gift or an interest in helping to promote the school, there may be opportunities for you to act as an ambassador.

In the past, there have been several events at which families acted as official ambassadors of Baker:

  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Race Against Hate
  • Open Houses

The BPO Is You + Us

This organization is whatever Baker families bring to it. We encourage you to bring your creativity, your personality, and of course your desire to see your child thrive. The rest is up to you.

Want to learn more about the Baker Parent Organization? Email us at bpo@bakerdemschool.org.

Not yet a Baker family? Join us!