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The Baker News is a peek inside our classrooms. Each edition of the Baker News features articles about our Early Childhood, Primary, Intermediate and Middle School divisions, as well as news from the Baker community. We hope you enjoy our stories!

Early Childhood News

Preschool Practice Yoga

Preschool teachers Nichola Roberts-Jones and Kim Johns are incorporating yoga into their classrooms. Mrs. Roberts-Jones, a registered child and adult yoga teacher, leads the classes and weaves in stories with positive themes, including compassion, gratitude, kindness and strength.

Mrs. Roberts-Jones notes that yoga and mindfulness practices improve physical and mental health in school -age children. Students also develop their balance, strength, endurance and aerobic capacity. 

“I have found that the effects of yoga go beyond physical fitness, and It supports children in building confidence and awareness beyond the classroom,” Mrs. Roberts-Jones said. “Through yoga, children realize that they are strong, and they can take that strength, confidence, acceptance, and compassion out into the world.”


Primary School News

Telling Time in Second Grade

What time is it? Ask a Baker second-grader! Students in Aimee Martin’s class recently learned how to tell time on an analog clock. 

Martin said students learned about telling time through a variety of games. 

“They manipulated the hands on analog clocks with Play Dough. They explored elapsed time with sequencing their day organizing analog clocks in chronological order,” Martin said. “We also played a go fish style game seeking specific times on printed analog clocks from group mates.” 

She added that telling time involves advanced decoding skills that will be developed throughout second-grade. Time is part of the math curriculum in Martin’s class. For example, students begin by applying their ability to skip count to help them jump around the clock. 

“My students are excited about their ability to calculate things throughout the day such as, ‘how many minutes until lunch?’ as well as using new terminology to describe lapsed time —  ‘it’s just about time to clean up!’” Martin said.


Intermediate News

Fourth-graders Dig Into Composting 

In January, Mark McLennan’s fourth-grade class welcomed 1,000 new class pets — earthworms!

Students recently started two classroom compost bins. They shredded paper and cardboard and added worms to their bins. Throughout the semester, students will feed the worms with leftovers from their lunch. Students are using the scientific method to observe changes, make predictions and document the progress of  their compost bins.  

“This is a great way for students to practice the scientific method and study science on a weekly basis,” McLennan said. “It also prepares them for a rich science work they’ll do in Middle School.”

The lesson is part of efforts to improve the West Garden. McLennan also works with Green Team Garden co-chairs Natasha Moss and Charlie Burt.

“We are looking to figure out how we can make our garden more successful,” McLennan said.

In the spring, the compost will be used in the garden. Fourth-graders will partner with Middle School science teachers Kyle Barys and Sarh Mohr on an aquaponics project to benefit the project. 

The composting and garden is part of Baker’s larger commitment to sustainability. McLennan has previously worked with the BPO’s Climate Action Team, chaired by Marie Cabiya, on a lunch waste audit of Baker. 


Middle School News

Students Get Animated in Stop Motion

Students in Becky Crawford’s Stop Motion class are bringing their ideas to life and learning about filmmaking in the process. 

Working in groups, students were assigned an artistic medium — such as clay or paper — and moved through the steps of creating a short, stop motion animated film. Students developed their stories using a planning document and storyboarding. They recorded their stories using the Stop Motion Pro app and iPads mounted on tripod stands, moving their characters and scenery piece-by-piece to animate their scenes. 

Crawford said the work helps students visualize the small steps that make a larger picture. Planning is key to creating a stop motion film. 

“In this class, the goal is to get students to think step-by-step without jumping ahead,” Crawford said. 

The Stop Motion class teaches students about storytelling and collaboration, while taking their creativity to new places.

“I push my students to go deep with their creativity,” Crawford said. “I love seeing them work together on their projects.”

For their final project, students will make videos centered on social justice. They will examine what social justice means and then film stop motion films about making the world a better place.  Students will apply the technical skills they learned by selecting music and fonts that match the tone of their work and experimenting with camera angles and lighting techniques. They will also research the topics for their final films, which will be about 2 minutes in length. 


All School 

Summer Camp Registration is Now Open!

Registration is now open for Baker Summer Discovery Camp! Camp is for preschool students (age 3+) through rising sixth graders and is located on Baker’s campus. Each camp day will include creative arts, instructional swimming, outdoor sports, games, and movement, and team time to allow campers to choose their own adventures and form lasting friendships.

Schedule and Fees

You may register for the full summer or by the session.

Full Summer – June 21 – Aug. 5, 2022 ($3300)

Session 1 (3 weeks) – June 21 – July 8 ($1365)*

Session 2 (2 weeks) – July 11 – July 22 ($975)

Session 3 (2 weeks) – July 25 – Aug. 5 ($975)

*No Camp on Monday, June 20 or Monday, July 5

Register here!

View the flyer here.