Middle School Drama Comedy of Errors

Middle School Drama - Comedy of Errors Actors

Andrew Marikis, Drama Teacher

You are seeing the progression of our Comedy of Errors production, which combined two classes–a design team and a cast. They collaborated using some general research into the concept of our play–silent film. Then, our designers did online research to find the right looks for the characters and set, sketched out designs, and created (with teacher support) the costumes and set of the final production. Here you can see the progression of the set from inspirational research through to the final product. You can also see two different costume designers creating two different characters to be played by the same actor, and the design challenge that inspired! 

Teacher Reflection

The real life challenge of collaborating with another class and each other to create designs that are justified with research helped these students flex their creative and critical thinking muscles. It was exciting to see how students, when faced with creating the final product, had to make collaborative, creative decisions on the fly and stretch themselves. The final production was beautiful and hilarious, and most importantly, the students showed real pride in their work.