Primary (Grades 1-3)

Primary students participating in class discussion

I firmly believe that the key to unlocking my child’s greatest potential is creating a space where he is known and loved for all of who he is and encouraged to question the world around him. As one of the top Elementary Schools in the area, the love for learning is tangible and is evident in Baker’s teachers and students alike!”
– parent of 2nd grader

Our Primary School program is designed to engage students in thematic and inquiry-based learning. Classroom activities such as building a Rube Goldberg machine or studying the physics of light and sound through the ‘Baker School of Dragonology’ are engaging, fun, and collaborative ways to encourage deeper and more expansive thinking.

Developing reading and math skills are fostered intentionally through our excellent faculty who use small groups, 1:1 connections, interactive games, engaging literature, and learning props in order to support student’s growth. Through a thematic approach, all academic subjects are integrated into the daily learning lives of students. Children’s curricular experiences invite them to make connections within their learning and to apply acquired skills in real life situations.

Each student’s strengths and learning style is known by their teacher. During the primary experience, teachers begin to design academic explorations to reflective of  students’ strengths and interests.
Baker teachers develop units around the passions of their students while integrating key concepts in math, science, reading, writing, art, music and more that inspires an intrinsic love of learning.  
We focus on providing an elementary school education that’s highly experiential, so that students can immediately apply what they’re learning in the classroom to the world around them. Learning happens at a much deeper level when students are able to apply the concepts they’ve learned. So our teachers are constantly creating experiences that profoundly enhance the learning in the classroom.
In the beginning of  third grade, students learn about the concept of community on many levels. This includes an in-depth study of community in nature. Third graders study the life cycle of bees and consider the importance of every contribution to the whole, they experience and discover. Learn more about one of the best elementary schools in Evanston today.