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A school for the innovative, the curious and the challenge-seeking.

When our son started at Baker this school year, we were amazed to see how quickly he took to the curriculum and the progressive learning environment. We felt like a flip had been switched “on” in his brain. He is challenged by his teachers and classmates to learn and grow and engage on a daily basis. We have been so thrilled with his growth that our younger son will now be attending Baker as well!

Elizabeth, Baker Parent

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We invite children to enjoy the freedom of exploration and introduce them to the idea of learning by doing. Baker students begin swimming in preschool and also enjoy dance, physical education, music, Spanish and library classes. Preschool options include full and half day options and before and after school care.

Grades 1-3

At Baker, we invite primary-age children in elementary school to help lead the way toward learning goals. That means first identifying their interests, including them in the process of creating learning experiences, and then helping them discover how it all connects to key academic concepts.

Grades 4-5

Students at this developmental stage are ready to take on bigger questions. They begin to see more of the world, its diverse perspectives, cause and effect over time, historical and contemporary systems of oppression. Baker’s intermediate students participate in Baker Business School, begin outdoor education and travel to Springfield.

Grades 6-8

In an experiential learning environment that invites creative design thinking and innovation, middle school students develop prerequisite mastery of the subject areas they will study in high school. In addition to rigorous math and humanities courses, Baker students are part of an advisory group, choose their own arts core classes, and take both Latin and Spanish.