Baker Demonstrations School, one of the top private schools on the border of Evanston, offers an incredible dynamic learning approach with state-of-the-art facilities including our library, swimming pool, technology lab, drama studio and music studio. Schedule a visit today!
Baker Demonstration School campus on the border of Wilmette and Evanston in the Chicagoland area

Baker has occupied this campus for nearly 100 years and has seen many changes. Today students enjoy the advantages of a full-sized indoor pool, a newly refurbished gymnasium, a library housing more than 24,000 volumes, dual-platform technology/media labs, computer interactive whiteboards in all kindergarten through grade 8 classrooms and, a high school caliber science lab. To enhance our arts offerings, Baker features a newly renovated performance hall, an art studio, drama studio, music studio, and yoga studio.


Middle School students reading at the Baker Library

Centrally located, the library, in combination with the adjoining technology lab, forms the core of the school. Comprising over 24,000 volumes, the library features the Follet Electronic Library Database System, traditional card catalogues, experiential puppets and stage, reading circles for listening skills development, a faculty/parent collection, and student collection display areas.

Drama Studio
The spacious drama studio offers a flexible studio setting for drama classes for first through eighth grades, show rehearsals, and guest visits. The studio offers an intimate place to see films, while being large enough to rehearse full productions. The studio is equipped with yoga mats, blankets, blocks and straps for yoga, twenty Folkmanis puppets, hand painted silk scarves and assorted percussion instruments. The drama studio is designed for gross motor and kinesthetic exploration, small and large group work, and yoga.

Middle School student participating in drama class at Drama Theater
Middle School Arts Core class engaging in play at the Calson Theater

Carlson Theater
Newly renovated, Baker's 165-seat auditorium features a stage, professional-quality acoustics and student-operable lighting and sound systems.

Technology Lab
The technology lab borders the library on both sides, providing easy access to a wide array of research tools. Twenty-five computers are located in the lab along with state-of-the-art software, two scanners, three flip video cameras, eight digital cameras, and two projectors. There is also an adjacent interactive white board that both students and faculty engage for multimedia projects.

Elementary students in Technology Lab programming Lego robots
Middle School student and Head of School creating a podcast in the Media Center

Media Center
Across from the tech lab, there is a media center housing nine Macs including a teacher’s work station, as well as a flat panel screen to share and discuss student work, a printer, a scanner, three digital cameras, four video cameras, and video camera accessories. The media center was developed for a breadth of multimedia projects in the fine arts. In addition, students take advantage of the media center to further build upon core subject projects. The media center is also integral to various after-school activities.

Art Studio
The Art Studio supports wet media including tempera, acrylics, oils, watercolors, pen and ink, Japanese brushwork, calligraphy and a class set of table easels. It also supports dry media including charcoal and pastels. Printmaking supplies include tools for relief block printing, silkscreen, and lithography. Ceramic supplies include three electric Brent model throwing wheels, one table height slab roller, two wedging boards, hand building tools, class set of banding wheels, and one electric, low-fire kiln. Fiber Arts supplies include one large loom, three small mechanical looms, weaving tools, and three wooden hoops. Three Macintosh computers offer photo manipulation software and graphic design programs. Technology also includes a digital projector, a slide projector, and a light table.

Elementary School students creating art in the Art Studio at Baker
Elementary School students performing in Music Lab

Music Lab
The Music Lab features an ever-expanding collection of instruments for our students to experiment with and enjoy including electronic keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, stringed and brass instruments and a drum set. Studio computers offer students the opportunity to explore music theory, composition, mixing, and ear training. Each grade level masters an age-appropriate instrument, from recorders to hand bells, culminating in the opportunity to participate in a Middle School band.

The newly renovated Gymnasium contains retractable bleacher seating for up to four hundred, an electronic scoreboard, a divider curtain, and a sound system. It houses six full size basketball hoops, manipulatives for fencing, archery, badminton, tennis, soccer, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, track and field, and numerous types of equipment for skill development.

Middle School students engaging in physical education

Swimming Pool
Baker features a wonderful indoor swimming pool for year-round physical education and fun for our students.  This four-lane, twenty-yard lap pool is used for both physical education and after- school swimming programs. The pool depth ranges from three feet at its most shallow to eight feet at the deep end. The pool features many aquatic fitness and learning aids including kickboards and water aerobics equipment, and a variety of adjustable swimming aids and a set of both basketball hoops and water polo goals. The pool also has a full complement of lifesaving equipment to ensure the safety of our swimmers.. Connected with the pool area are two on-deck restrooms with single showers and both male and female locker rooms.

The school features two playgrounds, one for early childhood students and one for older children.  The early childhood playgrounds are accessible directly from the student’s classrooms for easy transitions and safety for our students.  The early childhood playground has been designed with austere equipment to foster children’s imagination and learning through play.  The West playground, traditionally for our older students, encourages large motor skills and collaborative play appropriate for each stage of a child’s development

Elementary School students playing on the West Playground
Baker Demonstration School event on Athletics Field on the border of Evanston and Wilmette

Athletics Field
The school features a 14,000 square foot athletics field along Sheridan Road. One of Baker’s most popular gathering places, the athletic field is used for  for daily physical education, after-school sports practice and games, and mid-day recess.

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Baker is easily accessible by CTA via the Purple Line at the Linden stop or CTA bus.