Middle School Band Students Solo Experiences

Middle School Band students recently competed in the Illinois Grade School Music Association’s (IGSMA) Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday, February 11, hosted at Caruso Middle School in Deerfield. Each student prepared an instrumental solo independently beginning in early December, and on contest day, played in front of a judge specializing in their specific instrument.

Baker Benefit FAQ

Ready to join us for the Baker Benefit on Friday, February 26, but not totally sure how it all works? We’ve got all the answers you need!

Best 2015 Classes

Because cells are divided in many parts that serve different functions some cellular goodies need to be transported from one part of the cell to another for it to function smoothly. There is an entire class of proteins called ‘molecular motors’, such as myosin 5, that specialize in transporting cargo using chemical energy as fuel.

A Message from Dan Schwartz: Elections, Compassion, and Community

Dear Baker Community, In the aftermath of a divisive electoral season and historic election, we understand how essential it is for parents, teachers, and school to be in partnership in responding to the needs of children. Our role at Baker is to provide students with opportunities to process their feelings about the election and to

Children’s Author, Aaron Reynolds, Coming to Baker!

Aaron Reynolds is coming to Baker to talk to our 2nd – 5th graders on the afternoon of November 2! Our event will be in Carlson and then a book signing will follow for students who have purchased a book. Aaron is a Caldecott winner and author of many books, including Chicks and Salsa, Nerdy Birdy, and Creepy Carrots (Caldecott winner),

How do Pumpkins Grow?

During the month of October, Pre-K students are always busy with pumpkins. Not only is this around the time that this autumnal squash becomes fully developed, but Halloween is at the end of the month, holding the pumpkin as one of the holiday’s most recognizable symbols. Each year, they look at the seeds. They take

Magic Happens…At Baker

Last spring, as I sat at our Baker graduation, I marveled at the unique qualities of each graduate. I watched as each student communicated their image of themselves and their Baker experience in their own voice through their own chosen mode of expression. I was enthralled by my colleagues’ wit and knowledge as they captured

Baker Community Supports Louisiana Flood Victims with a Book Drive

The devastating flooding in Louisiana in August of this year has left many without homes and with little resources. Thankfully, few in our school know what it is like to endure this type of loss. The Baker Community has come together to help address one of the needs created by this disaster after being inspired by

Arming Our Hearts

A key aspect of Baker’s educational experience is our commitment to engaging a student’s mind, heart, and hands. In paying conscious attention to the cognitive, affective, and kinesthetic areas of child development, we help our students grow into well-rounded human beings. I want to explore how and why we attend to developing the affective arena

Parents and Students: Shared Experiences through Self-Portraits

As part of Baker’s Early Childhood traditions for the start of the school year, the students are tasked with drawing a self-portrait of themselves. This exercise teaches students to really look at themselves and encourages practice in manipulating artistic tools and methods as well as observations about the self and identity. Ms. Makagon’s first grade