Studio Habits of Mind in the Baker Art Studio

Posted by Julie Toole The guiding forces in Baker’s Teaching for Artistic Behaviors (TAB) Art Studio program are the Studio Habits of Mind (SHoM) from Studio Thinking 2: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education by Lois Hetland. A group of researchers analyzed successful art programs to discover what skills students were learning in these

A Sneak Peak into Fourth Grade Goings-On

Posted by Anna Phillips Progressive Principal of the Week: We actively teach community-building skills and concepts that foster collaboration, inclusion, and service to others This week was a week where students really had to come together as a community in order to get things done, but that is also what made this week so inspiring:

Woodworking, Tire Swinging, and Person of the Week: Baker Preschool Learning

Last week Erickson was the person of the week and the children really enjoyed learning more about their friend. We learned so much about Erickson as he told us the story and history of each thing he brought in. Thank you to his family for coming in to read a favorite book, Steam Train, Dream