Kindergarten students walking outside during Wandering Wednesday

Wandering Wednesday #3

Today was the perfect day to wander.  We’re getting spoiled with all this beautiful weather.  My hope is that we’re building up enough love and excitement for Wandering Wednesdays to carry us through the more difficult weather days.

We began our day by stopping for a snack near the gardens of the Baha’i Temple. As we snacked, we talked about identities as members of a family.  We discussed different things people do to bring peace and quiet …what our families believe in …or what our families love to do together.  We then talked about how the Baha’i is a House of Worship and the need to be totally silent so that people could have their peaceful or prayerful moment.  As we walked into the building, there was not a peep. Maybe a miracle 🙂 We sat for just a few minutes to enjoy the beauty of the building and the moment.

Kindergarten students Wandering Wednesday in Wilmette

Then, we made our way to the beach.  We walked our boundaries, but didn’t really need them since everyone was dying to get their feet wet and everyone ended up playing within the same 30 feet of shoreline.  We were wet, we were sandy, it was wonderful.

Kindergarten students Wandering Wednesday engaged in play-based learningKindergarten students Wandering Wednesday on beach

After lunch we went on a walk and tiny adventure through some of the forested areas and through the garden.  We were collecting items to create our classroom alphabet for the wall.  We collected all different types of things from flowers off the ground to pine cones to sticks to acorns.

Kindergarten students Wandering Wednesday on nature walk in Wilmette

As the weather FORECAST told us (one of our new weather words), we had a beautiful day today.  In the afternoon we looked at The Weather Channel, a suggestion from a student, to figure out the day’s temperature.  We checked in right at 78 degrees, it doesn’t get much better than that! We also talked about different weather conditions.  We brainstormed different words that we could use to describe any given day: cloudy, sunny, rainy, foggy, snowy, etc.  Then everyone made their first entries into their weather journals.  Almost everyone said it was sunny, with one friend choosing to describe the day as “blue skies.”

Kindergarten students weather project

Kindergarten students Wandering Wednesday in Wilmette

Here are some overheard highlights from the day:

Do you like my look today?

I did have breakfast but it was tiny…. just a sausage and two Oreo cookies

I never saw the Baha’i temple in years!

My family tradition is to read together

My family believes in God and we are Jewish

My family takes walks together

I wish I was a mermaid then I could swim in that fountain

Hey this is my way home. We passed this on the way to school!

Should we dry up? (Yes! Let’s hug each other)

My shoes are going to be Sandy for the rest of my life

I have sand on my lips

You guys, I have hair on my skin…Just like my dad

When we find our friends we’ll play the panther game and become panther friends together

Can we go back now? I’m tired

How about we play family in the park

On no. Panther on the loose.

I’m thirsty.

Can we sing that railroad song?

Kindergarten students dynamic learning during Wandering Wednesday

Pattern fruit kabobs                                How many kindergarteners fit around this big tree?