Wandering Wednesday #17

On Wandering Wednesday #17, the Kindergarten class was so excited to tour behind the scenes at the Wilmette Post Office. It was a great place to tour because the people were exceptionally wonderful with the kids. This Post Office was relatively small, making it clear and easy to see how everything is handled on a daily basis. We started our day by noticing mail boxes outside, P.O. boxes inside, and by sending packages to TJ and Olivia. To the kids, our dynamic learning approach just feels like fun!

Postal employee, Ms. Latrice, walked us through each step of the mail process and gave us a detailed tour of each area within the building. We were excited to see the mail slots for both Harry’s house and Baker Demonstration School!  We also gathered many ideas for how we could set up a mail system at Baker, based on the way things are actually organized.


After our tour, and sharing everything off the top of our minds with Ms. Latrice, we headed out through the neighborhood to Vattman Park. At the park we played, we ate, and we slid around on the ice. It’s always a nice reminder that playgrounds aren’t only fun in the warm weather…if you’re prepared slides are even more fun when the weather is cold or icy!Kindergarten students experiential learning in Wilmette

On the bus ride home, it was fun listening to the kids as they took turns telling silly stories and making each other laugh and laugh. We also noticed on our walk back to Baker that a tree we witnessed being cut down this morning was completely gone! The smell of freshly cut wood and millions of pine needles was amazing as we walked by.

We spent our walk back to school singing and writing a story about our day filled with our new letter…the letter H. It would be fun to play with the letter of the day in this story-telling way at home as well. For example:

Helen was hungry and hunted for Ham. He had his hands holding the ham when he heard a huge hippo…

Some quotes from today:

Hey Ms. Rampey, we can trot… It is kind of like running

Ooo…here comes the twirly whirly part

Look…a mailbox!

I live near here!……Same as me!

I want something to eat

Where’s my mail slot?

I live on Lincoln street!

We’re going to turn our classroom into a post office

Ms. Beth, I don’t feel well

He’s definitely the Wednesday warrior today..maybe the biggest one ever

I go to this park.