Wandering Wednesday #16

Today, we were joined by a group of middle school students working to make a movie about Wandering Wednesdays. That’s pretty cool, so we were planning for a memorable day. And, if you’ve talked to your kindergartner, I’m guessing you’ve heard about the big event of Wandering Wednesday #16…but before we get to our adventurous trips home, let’s look at what we did.

We met up with our middle school videographers at the front of the school, trying as hard as we could to pretend like they weren’t there.  Then, we made our way across the frozen snow as we sang our version of “The Wanderers” and headed to the bus. There are always great conversations on the bus regarding where everyone lives in relation to where the bus is traveling.  And, there’s pure joy when we pass a location that someone knows well: Ms. Rampey, Ms. Rampey …I go to that park with my family!!


When arriving at Erickson Woods in Northfield, we tested the hand pump to see if it still pumps water in the freezing temperatures. Much to their surprise, and with sustained effort, the water still flowed from the pump! As we passed over the river to head into the forest preserve we noticed that while everything around it was frozen, the water in the river was still flowing! We tossed in some ice to watch it flow rapidly down the river.

Ms. Beth mentioned that the last time she visited Erickson Woods alone, she saw multiple deer, so told us to keep our eyes open for tracks and scat, and we might find deer nearby.  And, no surprise, she was right! We saw three separate deer!  A group of children, along with Ms. Beth, followed them deep into the woods. While we were there, we also saw a huge fallen tree with its root shooting high into the air. Meanwhile, other groups of children played freely in the woods; throwing ice and sticks out onto the frozen lake, building baby deer homes, and breaking apart charred sticks.

It wasn’t too long before the cold was getting to us, so we decided to have our lunch slightly earlier than normal. We ate for about 15 minutes before heading over to catch our bus at the bus stop. We were a few minutes early so that we wouldn’t miss it as it came by … and now for the moment you’ve all heard about….

We spotted the bus,

We got excited to head home,

We gathered together,

We waved the bus down so that he knew to stop for us,

We saw the bus driver wave back…….we saw the bus driver drive right past us

Mrs. Rampey ran…yelling, whistling, waving her hands wildly. She turned, “Now what do we do?”

Knowing that the next bus was another hour away, we put our adventuring shoes back on and headed to the Northfield Village Hall for some warmth and bathrooms.I must say, the kids were incredibly resilient and everyone learned today about the importance of having a plan B. Plus, spending time at Village Hall gave us a chance to do our weather chart and weather journals for the day! Never a dull moment!

Some quotes from the day:

I know how to get to my house from here

I could go ice skating on that lake at Erickson Woods

You’re going to have to call my mom again

Another deer. That’s three

Naomi you grab the rope in the middle. It makes it easier to walk

I’m ready for a snack

Where is Mrs Rampey going? (while running after bus)

There’s another ice rink. It’s our ice rink.

Look at the lines on the ice.

There’s a big hole. What lives there?

Ms Beth ms Beth. Let’s go see that giant tree that fell down.