Wandering Wednesday #15

Today, we had our first experience taking the “el” together as a class. More than half of the children said that Wandering Wednesday #15 was their first time ever on the train (or at least that they could remember). They were very excited to look out the window and find things along the way that they recognized. We got off the Purple Line at the Davis stop to head over to the Evanston Post Office.

When we arrived, we noticed right away that the building was large and had multiple people sculpted into the side of the building. As we headed inside, we made note of things found at a post office like hours of operation, slots for dropping letters, PO boxes, and service windows.  We also read about the carriage that was used to deliver mail in Evanston 100 years ago!

Kindergarten students dynamic learning in EvanstonKindergarten students experiential learning in Evanston Post OfficeKindergarten students experiential learning in Evanston Post Office

We talked with the kind woman working behind the desk about some of the things we could see through the window. She showed us the stamps currently available and taught us that in order for someone’s face to be on a US stamp, they must be deceased.

While we were sad to not be able to get a tour of the back room (apparently they don’t do that anymore), we did peek through the windows of the PO boxes and through the window on the door to the back room. We figured that we might have to settle for some books and a few good videos to fully understand how mail is sorted and delivered all over the world so quickly.

So, how do you cure some no-special-tour-disappointment? You go to Bennison’s for treats of course! We didn’t realize that Evanston schools had the afternoon off, which made the Bakery a bit more crowded than expected, but we got our cookies and headed back to the train. As we walked we spotted a restaurant with a poem on their windows. And guess what?! The words were in a pattern with “it” as every other word. Perfect learning opportunity for our Kindergarten readers!

On the way back to Baker we soaked up the heat on the platform and learned a new song: The Wanderers. Yes…it’s a parody of that old Dion song…I just couldn’t help myself!

Our day was short, but full of firsts and adventures! We even spotted a new “fairy forest” to visit from the train on the way back into the Linden station! When we got back to school we completed our weather journals with our new word for today’s weather: Misty!

Here are some quotes from the day:

There’s a nest. And another one.

Look at all the numbers.  

I can’t reach the box.

Can I sit next to a window?

Chinese letters. I see Chinese letters.

Hey look… A post office truck!

If you go down a couple blocks in to the right you can get some Boba

That’s my art class right there!

I come here all the time this is my favorite place

I love that place, Smiley Brothers right there

Mrs. Rampey, thank you for wondering Wednesdays

Cheeto truck! Do you like the flaming hot Cheetos?

The lines are lasers and we can’t touch the lasers

(Miss Beth) Listen to that sound …(student)It sounds like a pterodactyl