Whether you are applying to Baker, located on Chicago's North Shore, because of our high academic standards, small classes and individualized attention, excellent teachers, or our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, investing in a whole-child education will pay dividends for a lifetime.

We understand that a Baker education is both an extraordinary opportunity and a significant investment for your family.  We are committed to making a Baker education affordable and accessible to all families who seek to enroll their child at our school. Baker’s comprehensive tuition plan includes all of the following with no additional fees:

  • Early morning care from 7:30-8:30 a.m.
  • Yearbook
  • Athletics
  • Field trips and field experiences
  • Computers and Technology
  • Student Clubs
  • Band Instruments
  • General class supplies

“I am very grateful for my time at Baker!  My learning experience there gave me a foundation of curiosity which has made life so interesting over the years."

 Captain Peter Kerkhof, Class of 2000

Tuition and Fees for the 2020-21 academic year ranges from $7580 for half-day preschool to $27,345 for eighth grade.

Learn more about our comprehensive tuition structure. With specific questions or to learn more, please contact our Admissions Office at 847-425-5800.

Helpful Links and FAQ:

Knowing Your Affordability Range

Not every family is able to pay the full tuition at an independent school. At Baker, tuition assistance is offered as part of our mission to provide educational access for those talented and promising students who cannot attend due to finances.

Tuition Assistance Scenarios

The actual tuition assistance awards are based on income, assets and resources. Since each family's situation is unique, the Committee gives careful attention to each family application individually. The following examples illustrate the variety of families who apply for Tuition Assistance at Baker and are designed to provide families with a general idea of qualification levels for tuition assistance. Please note that morning care is available to all families at no extra charge.

Family 1

An applicant for 6th grade lives with her single parent. The family income is $39,000. The family does not own a home and currently has no savings.

Tuition: $25,170
Likely Tuition Assistance Amount: $23,320

Expected family contribution: $1,850

Family 2

An applicant for Kindergarten lives with his 2 year old sibling and parents. Both parents work full-time. The family income is $64,000. The family has $18,000 in savings and does not own a home.

Tuition: $20,870
Likely Tuition Assistance Amount: $15,750

Expected family contribution: $5,120

Family 3

An applicant for Kindergarten lives with her parents and preschool age sister who attend preschool. Both parents are employed, but one parent works part-time to be home on the days the PK student is not in school. The preschooler attends PK three days a week. Their annual income is $201,000. While they have investments and savings of $35,000 they also have student loan debt of $65,000. They own their home and have no other assets.

Tuitions: $31,275
Likely Tuition Assistance Amount: $7,395

Expected family contribution: $23,880

Family 4

A family of four with a 5th grade child and high school student has a combined income of $190,000. The high school child attends a tuition-charging high school. The family owns their home and has been able to invest more than $450,000 into their retirement savings.

Tuition: $23,060
Likely Tuition Assistance Amount: $8,395

Expected family contribution: $14,665

Family 5

Applicants for 4th and 6th grade live with their parents and two other siblings – one toddler and one in a tuition charging high school. The family income is $310,000. The family owns a home and has assets including savings and investments totaling to $575,000. This family also has student loans.

Student applicant 4th Grade
Tuition: $23,060
Student applicant 6th Grade
Tuition: $25,170

Likely Tuition Assistance Amount: $13,885

Expected family contribution: $34,345