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Sarah Mohr

5th Grade Teacher & High School Transition Coordinator


Position: 5B Teacher & High School Transition Coordinator

Supplementary Title: 5th grade Math teacher

What do you like best about working at Baker?  I love so much about Baker, it is hard to pick just one thing.  I love the freedom I am given and the support I receive that together enable me to dive deeply into the curriculum in ways that stimulate creativity, link knowledge, and foster curiosity.

Where did you get your degree(s)?

*Undergraduate degree in Art History from Dartmouth College
*Master's degree in Modern Art History from University of California, Santa Barbara
*Teaching Credential from Cal State LA

What is the greatest gift you hope to bestow upon your students?  I want to give all my students the power of their voice as confident unique learners who are unafraid of trying and able to advocate for themselves as they embrace the process of learning.

What is a fun fact about yourself?  I played water polo in college.  My family has 2 turtles, 2 cats, and a dog.  I love to paint, especially Chinese brush painting.

What are your teaching super powers?  My teaching super powers are using games & puzzles to teach skills, finding interesting real life applications for math & science, and having a story for everything.

  • Joined Baker: 2016
  • Email: smohr@bakerdemschool.org