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Rachael Chase

Middle School Physical Education Teacher (Grades 6-8)


What do you like best about working at Baker? I have been welcomed to Baker with open arms and I could not be more grateful. I love the unique perspectives and the drive to make our classrooms as authentic as possible.

Where did you get your degree(s)? Grand Valley State University – Grand Rapids, MI

What is the greatest gift you hope to bestow upon your students? 

I plan to gift each of my students with the love of movement and with curiosity of the world around them

 I would love my students to take complete ownership of their learning and take it in a new direction. Each student is different and they will have different interests. PE is about finding love in movement, so that each individual can continue moving through the rest of their lives, in a self-selected way.

What is a fun fact about yourself? I love, love, love ice cream!

Superpower: I can read minds! (I really wish)

  • Joined Baker: 2019
  • Email: rchase@bakerdemschool.org