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Learning By Doing

Rachael Chase

Middle School PE Teacher


What excites you about teaching at Baker? I am excited to work in such an inviting, innovative, and welcoming school. I already feel at home and school hasn’t started yet! I eagerly wait for the school year to begin so I can meet the rest of my students. I have a lot of new ideas for middle school PE and I am excited to start putting them into motion.
What is the greatest gift you hope to bestow upon your students? I plan to gift each of my students with the love of movement and with curiosity of the world around them. I would love my students to take complete ownership of their learning and take it in a new direction. Each student is different and they will have different interests. PE is about finding love in movement, so that each individual can continue moving through the rest of their lives, in a self-selected way. I hope that my middle school students will begin to look at movement and health in a new light this coming fall. 
What is a fun fact about yourself? I love love love ice cream!

  • Joined Baker: 2019
  • Email: rchase@bakerdemschool.org