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Brandi Boseovski

Middle School Latin Teacher


Brandi Boseovski has been teaching since she received her B.A. in Latin and Linguistics in 2012. She taught Latin for two years in the greater Seattle area then coached gymnastics for two years, before deciding to relocate to Boulder, Colorado, to earn her M.A. in Classics with a Concentration in Teaching Latin. In her two years in Colorado, she was a teaching assistant for various Classics courses at the university as well as taught high school Latin in her last semester to earn secondary teacher licensure. In 2018, after completing her M.A. she is thrilled to join the Baker Demonstration School.

  • Joined Baker: 2018
  • Graduate: B.A., University of Washington
  • Graduate: M.A., University of Colorado
  • Email: bboseovski@bakerdemschool.org