Science Olympians Score Big

Baker’s Science Olympiad team continued to grow in its third year of competition, sending a record 30-plus middle school students to regionals — and coming home with a whopping 15 varsity and junior varsity medals.

Eighth-Graders Hit the Pool for Cardboard Boat Races

Baker eighth-graders put months of research and design work to the test last Friday, hitting the pool for our annual cardboard boat races. Taking what they learned about buoyancy, density, and the physics of water with Middle School science teacher Natasha Itkin, students worked in teams of three or four to design and build boats made

Trees Research Takes Second-Graders All Over Campus

Second-graders in Mrs. Rothschild’s class began the semester by studying the science of trees, learning about germination, seed dispersal, pollination, habitats, and the cycle of plants before embarking on a research project about trees on the Baker campus. Students worked in small groups to survey, identify, and catalog nearly 100 trees on our campus; wrote

Exploring Ecology and History at the Indiana Dunes

Baker sixth-graders explored the ecology and history of one of the most biodiverse areas on earth during a three-day trip to the Indiana Dunes Learning Center on Oct. 28-30. Students combined discovery, adventure, and fun with math, science, and social studies, learning about the natural and cultural history of the dunes, the interconnection of human

Exploring Plate Tectonics Inside the Earth Balloon

Fourth- and fifth-graders’ study of plate tectonics culminated with an exploration of the Earth Balloon, a 20-foot inflatable model of the earth brought to Baker by visiting educators from Earth Adventure. Entering the Earth Balloon through a flap along the International Date Line, students and teachers sat atop Antarctica inside the globe, where they could

Family Fun and Creativity at the Cardboard Challenge

Baker’s second annual Family Cardboard Challenge on Oct. 10 was a great afternoon of family fun and creativity! Featuring family members of all ages, this event was part of the Global Cardboard Challenge sponsored worldwide by the Imagination Foundation, a non-profit with a mission to find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in children around the world. Baker parents, log

Young Scientists Track Monarch Butterfly Migration

First- and second-graders experienced a climactic moment last Friday in their study of monarch butterflies, coming together with their friends in Junior Kindergarten to release 23 monarchs off onto their migratory journey down to Mexico. Students dressed up in monarch colors, many wearing homemade wings, and wished the butterflies safe travels on their 2,000-mile journey