Bringing Baker Learning Outdoors

Baker teachers already bring learning outside whenever possible, but having outdoor learning spaces on par with their fantastic classroom environments will open previously untapped opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration.

5 Reasons We Always Go Outside to Play

It’s raining, there are puddles everywhere, the wind is blowing and it’s cold! But if you look out on the playgrounds at Baker, you will find children of all ages playing outside. Why do we go outside every day? The time we spend outside every day is an important part of our daily schedules. Outdoor play

Exploring Ecology and History at the Indiana Dunes

Baker sixth-graders explored the ecology and history of one of the most biodiverse areas on earth during a three-day trip to the Indiana Dunes Learning Center on Oct. 28-30. Students combined discovery, adventure, and fun with math, science, and social studies, learning about the natural and cultural history of the dunes, the interconnection of human