Sharing Music Among Friends

Baker students from Pre-K to grade 5 gathered Wednesday morning for the Fall Music Share, an annual event that gives students the opportunity to share with their peers what they’ve been learning in music class; to practice performing in an informal environment; and to start the day by making music together!

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Pre-K worked with Mrs. Buehler to perform the rhyme “Five Little Pumpkins.”

Junior kindergarten and kindergarten students sang “One Little Owl,” one of the Halloween songs they learned recently.

First- and second-graders, after studying butterflies and pollination at the start of the school year, worked together in music class to compose related songs. Ms. Makagon’s first-graders sang about “Bees, Bats, and Butterflies” — all noted pollinators. Ms. Peacock’s first- and second-graders performed “Grow,” a song about the three stages of butterfly development. Mrs. Rothschild’s second-grade class sang about the 92 trees they recently classified on campus, needing only piano accompaniment during the performance.

Baker third-graders this year are very interested in jazz, and because their term is focused on singing, they tried out scat singing in class, taking inspiration from the great Ella Fitzgerald. Several students even volunteered to step forward for scat solos! Mrs. Gehrig’s class sang “Autumn Leaves” and Mr. Pfannerstill’s class sang “Blue Skies.”

Fourth-graders have been working on composing blues songs. They learned a 12-bar blues progression and studied blues lyrics in order to write in the appropriate form and style. They worked together in duos and trios to sing and play the blues progression on a xylophone. Many of the blues songs were about Halloween!

Fifth-graders shared their work-in-progress on the lyrics and music they are composing for their upcoming stage adaptation of Pam Muñoz Ryan’s Esperanza Rising, a co-production with fourth grade.