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Program Support – From the Inside Out

Our faculty frequently describes their teaching environment as a student’s “second teacher” given the impact they have on the learning experience. Our facility renovations support the “second teacher”,  and we have identified critical areas of opportunity to ensure our campaign also makes a significant impact on each individual teacher and their students.

From the Inside Out includes an ambitious fundraising goal to invest in our teachers and their students. The campaign seeks to broaden the school’s base of annual support from Baker alumni, family and friends. This critical funding will provide the resources our teachers need to continue offering the innovative and creative curriculum for which they are known.

Project Highlights:

This essential funding will allow us to:

  • Institute two “Curricular Coaches” to provide mentorship and hands-on training in and out of the classroom
  • Create an even more compelling offer for teachers in order to retain and attract top talent
  • Increase opportunities for teacher professional development
  • Maintain our Associate Program, which honors our enduring tradition of training the next generation of progressive educators and is essential for maintaining our small student to teacher ratio.

Program Goal:  $2.25 million

Our goal is to raise $2.25 million in program support by the end of our campaign, giving us an annual goal of $750,000 per year. As of right now, we have raised $258,059 towards that goal. In order to keep on track, we need to raise an additional $491,941 during this fiscal year. Click here to make a gift today!