We are Baker and we are transforming education so that our students can reinvent the world. Our students don’t sit behind desks and memorize facts. Rather, we believe in the transformative power of hands-on, experiential learning."

-Carly Andrews, Head of School

From preschool to 8th grade, Baker kids are taught to be curious, confident, collaborative and, most importantly, to be themselves.

Nationally regarded for educational excellence, Baker is located on the border of Evanston, just minutes from Chicago. Our philosophy is rooted in a simple, but powerful idea: an education should do more than help a child excel academically; it should prepare them to thrive throughout life, no matter how different the future may look.

While academic excellence is at our core, our hands-on, experiential curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity, creation, and collaboration. Long gone are the days of sitting behind desks, memorizing facts.

And from their very first day, Baker students are encouraged to proudly share all of the wonderful things that make them who they are. Because we believe that success never has to come at the expense of losing what makes you uniquely you.

What are the outcomes of a Baker education? Baker students love to learn, they’re resilient when faced with adversity, and they’re comfortable expressing themselves creatively. They leave Baker with a strong ethical framework that helps guide their choices. These are the qualities that will help them grow into the next generation of passionate thinkers, inventors and change-makers. And it’s the very reason our graduates go on to excel academically at highly selective high schools and colleges.

That’s the power of a Baker education.

Baker At-A-Glance

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