Middle School

Middle School can be a turbulent time for kids. Throughout their transition from childhood to adolescence, Baker Demonstration School makes considerable effort to address the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs of Baker students. The result is a safe and supportive environment in which kids can not only be taught, but also acquire critical thinking skills and take greater responsibility for their own intellectual growth. Thus, making Baker one of the best middle schools in Evanston – Wilmette area on Chicago’s North Shore.

Graduating from the focus on a single classroom as found in the Early Childhood Program and Team in the Middle, Middle School students move from classroom to classroom throughout the day to pursue each of their academic subjects. The core subjects are English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Latin. These areas of study are supplemented by rotations in Music, Drama, and Visual Arts, with students selecting areas of interest for additional electives over the three years. Current offerings include 2- and 3-Dimensional Art, Photography, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Technology and Drama and Performance. As was the case in Early Childhood and Team in the Middle, the interrelated nature of these subject areas is highlighted, not ignored.

Over the years, Baker has created for itself a reputation of excellence in Latin. The school’s students consistently excel in state and national competitions. While some dismiss the language as lacking relevance in the modern world, the school’s perspective is that Latin is integral to many languages, including English, as well as to the study of the sciences. Knowledge of Latin gives our graduates a significant advantage in everything from the vocabulary sections of the SAT to the study of undergraduate biology and post-graduate medicine.

In addition to Latin, another unique facet of the Middle School experience is the Advisory Program. Student Advisory meets every day and students stay with their advisories and advisor for all three years in Middle School. Rather than being simply a three-year homeroom, Advisory represents the opportunity for students to work in concert with a single faculty member throughout their Middle School career. It also allows that faculty member to be especially attuned to the academic, social, and emotional needs of the student.

The Middle School is the culmination of a child’s time at Baker. Working collaboratively with parents, colleagues, and other professionals, the Middle School’s team of teachers responds to the variety of learning styles and the needs of individual students. In this safe and supportive environment, students become more independent and more capable of performing the abstract thinking and critical analysis that will serve them for the rest of their lives.