A. Baker was established in 1918 and has been located at its current campus since 1929. Formerly in partnership with National Louis University, Baker became an independent school in 2005.
A. As the North Shore’s only demonstration school, Baker is a place where students from leading college- and graduate-level education programs come to learn from our master instructors as teachers-in-training. Consequently, the majority of the classrooms have both a teacher and an associate teacher.
A. Baker Demonstration School is a member of the Lake Michigan Association of Independent Schools (LMAIS) and has Full Recognition status from the Illinois State Board of Education. As of July 2012, the school is a fully accredited member of the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS). Beyond these accreditations, Baker Demonstration School has strong academic affiliations with colleges and universities such as National-Louis University’s National College of Education, Chicago Professional School of Psychology, Columbia College, Northeastern Illinois University, and Northwestern University.
A. Baker has a Student Service team to support students with a variety of learning differences. Support is generally offered through “push-in” services, or in-class assistance. The school does not have the resources to support children with significant learning disabilities or special needs.
A. The school day begins at 8:30 am and ends at 11:15 am for morning Pre-Kindergarten, 2:00 pm for Junior Kindergarten and 3:00 pm for Kindergarten. Students in Grades 1– 8 dismiss at 3:15 pm. Extended Care options beginning at 7:30 am and running until 6:00 pm are available for all Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 students.
A. Baker partners with Healthy Kids Kitchen to provide nutritious hot lunches for our students; you may purchase your child’s lunch every day or choose the days that work best for your family.
A. Baker has an on-site registered nurse every day throughout the school year and summer. Both the nurse and classroom teachers are well-equipped to become educated about your child’s specific allergies and medical needs and ensure your child’s safety at school.
A. Baker offers soccer, flag football, basketball, and track and field sports team experiences to students beginning in Grade 4. The school’s no-cut policy ensures that every child has the opportunity to play and benefit from sports activities.
A. Yes. As of August 2016, Baker has SEVIS certification, allowing us to admit non-resident students. In addition to our international students, many of our students are multilingual.
A: Baker greatly values its diverse community and works to appreciate diversity among every faction from the student body to the parent community to the board of directors. For more information about our school’s approach to diversity, please refer to our Diversity Statement.
A. Baker students often matriculate to their local public high school or earn admission into competitive private high schools or Chicago’s selective enrollment high schools. In addition, Baker students perform very well on high school course entrance exams (e.g., ERB, Explore, and MAP) and work closely with both Baker and high school counselors to ensure correct class placement.
A: Our graduates have been accepted at some of the nation’s top colleges and universities, including MIT, University of Michigan honors college, Washington University in St. Louis, Northwestern University, Boston College, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s College of Engineering.
A. We are happy to answer any questions. Please contact the Director of Admissions, at (847) 425-5813 or admissions@bakerdemschool.org.