Julie Toole

Art Studio and Arts Core & SEED Facilitator

Julie Toole I Art Studio and Arts Core Teacher & SEED Facilitator

What year did you start working at Baker?

What do you like best about working at Baker?
I value working in a school where I am trusted as a professional to do what is best for kids and that has equity and justice work deeply embedded into all we do. Baker is a place where you can grow as an educator and are supported to take risks and innovate. I love being on a team with other arts specialists and being surrounded by so many creative teachers.

Where did you earn your degree(s)?
B.A., Ball State University; M.A. Columbia College

What is the greatest gift you hope to bestow upon your students?
I hope that my artists develop creative confidence, an appreciation for all types of art and a love for making and creating. I hope that they harness the power of their art to enact change, express who they are and bring beauty into the world.