K-8 Collaborative, a podcast of Baker Demonstration School

Carly Andrews (Head of School/Baker Demonstration School) and Jordan Grumet (Parent) explore moving the conversation forward on grades K-8 through the lens of a progressive education. Topics explore the creation of a nurturing and empathic environment through cutting edge philosophy and research. Listen to K-8 Collaborative on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Episode 4: The Coronavirus: Trauma and Resilience in Children

On Episode 4, Jordan Grumet and Carly Andrews are joined by Stephanie Osler, LCSW and director of the Mental Health service line at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia, and  Cynthia Suarez Eudy, LCSW at Baker Demonstration School in Wilmette, Illinois, in a conversation about supporting children during the coronavirus pandemic. Their discussion includes ways children experience trauma, how families can support a child’s resilience, and ways that our communities can support our youngest members amidst this new reality. 

Resources mentioned in episode:
Opening Segment
Adverse Child Experiences (ACE)
The Stories that Bind Us | The New York Times
Connections for the Homeless
The National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Practical Parenting During COVID-19
Child Mind Institute

Episode 3: Parenting Through the Coronavirus

On Episode 3, Jordan Grumet and Carly Andrews discuss the coronavirus. Their discussion includes ways parents can support children during this unprecedented time, how families can best handle the stresses of this transition in their lives and work, and ultimately how a child’s growth can continue amidst this new reality.

Resources mentioned in episode:
Opening Segment
The Healthy Mind Platter, Dr. Dan Seigel
The Child Mind Institute
How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus, PBS
National Public Radio (NPR)
Centers for Disease Control

Episode 2: A Progressive Education

On Episode 2, Jordan Grumet and Carly Andrews discuss progressive schools. Their discussion includes a basic overview of the history of the progressive movement in the United States, the practices of a progressive school, and ultimately how this tradition prepares children to be life-long learners.

Resources mentioned in episode:
This is How Scandinavia Got Great: The Power of Educating the Whole Person, David Brooks, New York Times
Progressive Education Network (PEN)
Baker Demonstration School

Episode 1: Why Independent Matters

On Episode 1, Jordan Grumet and Carly Andrews discuss why independent schools matter. Their discussion includes a basic overview of what an independent school is, how it works, and what it ultimately means for children to be part of a school that is guided by mission.

Resources mentioned in episode:
National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
Find a School Directory, NAIS
Independent School Association of the Central States (ISACS)
Directory of Schools, ISACS
Private Schools with Public Purpose
Baker Demonstration School