Welcome from Baker’s Head of School

Baker Demonstration School is the independent school on Chicago’s north shore that is nationally recognized for excellence in Progressive education. Baker’s rich tradition, developed over 100 years, combines a deep knowledge of both child development and cognitive growth.

Our mission to champion an exemplary Progressive education matters now more than ever. Given the rate of change that technological innovation has inspired, our students will enter the workforce and take jobs that do not yet exist. Given this unknown future, our role at Baker is to ensure that our students become life-long learners who adapt, design, create, and change their world. And we do this well. For a century, Baker teachers have been designing experiences that attend to the whole child: their physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and cultural development, which has given our graduates the critical and creative thinking skills and ethical framework necessary for success not just in their high school experience, but for life.

At the heart of our Progressive approach to education is a challenging, hands-on curriculum that incorporates music, visual arts, swimming, yoga, physical education, outdoor experiences, the study of Latin and Spanish, and service learning. Passionate and experienced teachers and low student-to-teacher ratios ensure that our students’ individual strengths and challenges are well understood.

The value of a Baker education is nowhere more evident than in the accomplishments of our graduates. Their success in high school, college, and beyond and their achievements in academia, the arts, business, law, medicine, entrepreneurship, education, and service reaffirms our commitment to providing our students with a Progressive approach to education that is both student-centered and intellectually rigorous. Lessons learned at Baker ensure that our graduates aren’t just ready for high school. They’re ready for everything.

Carly Andrews
Head of School