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Although Baker has been around since 1918, it is important to recognize that we are a newly established independent school. For the better part of a century, Baker relied on the financial assistance of National Louis University to underwrite its programs. Only since independence has the establishment of a philanthropic program been necessary for the strength and growth of our school.  In fact, it was a dedicated community of parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, and friends who together contributed $3.5 million to ensure that our school would see a bright future for generations of students to come.


…begins with each child as they learn to share with their peers and respect one another throughout their years at our school.

…is encouraged by teachers and mentors as service initiatives and special projects are undertaken student by student, class by class, grade by grade.

…becomes engrained as a cornerstone of all we do, each and every day, in so many ways, at Baker Demonstration School.

At Baker, sharing through fundraising matters for three simple reasons:

Tuition covers the basics.

Like all independent schools there is a gap between cost of tuition and expenses. Traditionally schools rely upon the generosity of its community to support programing beyond core subjects and other important initiatives that elevate its educational experience and insures sustainability.  Annual gifts from our current families, board members, grandparents, faculty, and friends make up the difference, enabling Baker to provide a low student-to-teacher ratio, a superior progressive education, and a rich arts and daily physical education program which is seamlessly integrated into our curriculum.

We care about diversity.

Baker is a diverse school by design; we value cultural, ethnic, and economic difference, and respect the many types of families who join our community.  Keeping tuition within a reasonable range relative to our peer schools enables Baker to maintain its commitment to ensuring a diverse population.  Growing a thriving Annual Fund is a far better choice than increasing tuition, which would put a Baker education out of reach for many.  Your generous support is crucial to maintaining our Financial Aid program and making Baker available to all.

Participation matters.  Every gift makes a difference.

We recognize and appreciate that all of our Baker families are different.  Some can give more, some can give less, but all can give something.  Our most important goal is 100% participation, regardless of gift size.  Sharing through fundraising strengthens the Baker community and tells the world that we believe in the quality of the school’s education. It also encourages others, including those who are capable of bestowing educational grants, to support the school.

Today, we invite you to explore the many ways that you can help make a difference for Baker Demonstration School.

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