Equity & Inclusion

The best education occurs in a school community comprised of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, cultures, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and family structures. We strive to create an inclusive environment that attracts and supports families from many backgrounds, including those traditionally underrepresented in an independent school. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to who we are as a school community. Baker students come from Evanston, Chicago, 26 surrounding surrounding suburbs and from around the globe.

An open exchange of thoughts, ideas, and feelings generated in a safe and diverse community creates valuable learning opportunities. We graduate students with a deep understanding and appreciation for diversity in all respects. Learn about graduates of Baker Demonstration School.

Diverse Middle School students collaborating in class
Students expressing themselves in music class

Diversity at Baker

The following practices articulate how we realize our vision of a diverse and inclusive community:

Equity in Programs and Practices:

We allocate many resources toward ensuring that our community composition and curricula reflect our commitment to diversity. Every student has equitable access to all school services and programs. We are committed to a school environment that is inclusive of and accessible to all families.

Valuing Personal Expression and Experience:

Baker affirms the uniqueness of each individual and values authentic expression of those diverse experiences. We are committed to understanding how personal, cultural, and historical aspects of identity contribute to and enrich our school community.

Self-Reflection and Awareness:

We invite individuals to question their assumptions and examine their beliefs with the goal of personal and community growth and the fostering of social justice. We nurture curiosity and inquiry in order to learn from a diverse range of experiences and points of view. We are committed to exploring Baker’s unique culture to better understand the experiences of our students and their families.

Meaningful Interaction and Dialogue:

Baker encourages each individual to interact meaningfully with other members of the community. We provide a safe environment that supports expression of our similarities and differences in ways that invite dialogue and education.

Authentic Teaching and Learning:

We develop curricula that foster student knowledge of varied cultures, practices, and experiences. We train our teachers to create and sustain a cohesive and equitable classroom community. We honor and celebrate every student.