Colin Meyer

Middle School Learning Specialist

Colin Meyer

What year did you start working at Baker?

What do you like best about working at Baker?
My favorite part about working at Baker is the community. The welcoming sense of acceptance and love you receive when walking in the doors here, from parents, staff and the students is unlike anywhere else I’ve been. It’s allowed me as a teacher and a person to pursue my personal passions outside of the classroom to help enrich the entire learning community here.

Where did you earn your degree(s)?
B.A., Western Illinois University

What is the greatest gift you hope to bestow upon your students?
My strong sense of self. I like to think I’m a pretty interesting and unique guy. The Baker community has always recognized that and encouraged me to be that person. I believe that my ability to express myself, be silly, be serious, but always be me, encourages kids to do the same. When a student can be themselves and feel comfortable in their environment, that is when the real learning can happen.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I minored in Scuba Diving in college. I see 30 concerts a year (at least).