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Second Grade private school students community learning project

We Are Community Minded Second Graders

From sign making to policy making, second graders have been community minded activists this week. Our week began with a walk to a historical marker on Ridge Road, about a five-minute walk from school.   The marker explains that this area (where our school is located and where many of us live) was once the


Lake Pontchartrain Causeway The World’s Longest Beam Bridge Over Water This week our first graders began their study of bridges in earnest. We began by giving the children some challenges to build a variety of bridge structures with limited materials. One challenge was to see who could make the longest bridge. After some reflecting, the

Parents and Students: Shared Experiences through Self-Portraits

As part of Baker’s Early Childhood traditions for the start of the school year, the students are tasked with drawing a self-portrait of themselves. This exercise teaches students to really look at themselves and encourages practice in manipulating artistic tools and methods as well as observations about the self and identity. Ms. Makagon’s first grade

Speaking Up on LGBT Day of Silence

Founded in 1996, GLSEN’s (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) Day of Silence is a day where students all over the world band together to make a powerful impact within their schools on the topic of LGBT bullying and harassment. Led by our new GSA, Baker students participated in the Day of Silence in a

Meet Our Faculty: Carin Peacock

“I want children to understand that they have a voice and that their voice can bring change.”

Student-Led Workshops Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Learning

Fourth- and fifth-graders led workshops on a host of subjects last Friday, teaching their classmates in grades 1-5 about origami, gymnastics, chess, Greek gods, improv and playwriting, flip-book animation, Rainbow Loom, papercraft model-making, friendship bracelets, theater games, parachute games, card tricks, and finding the theme of a story. Workshop leaders conceived, created, and submitted their

Exploring Dr. King’s Legacy

Baker students of all ages spent the days leading up to Martin Luther King Jr. Day learning about Dr. King and his legacy, ultimately coming together as a community Jan. 15 for a culminating all-school assembly. From pre-kindergarten through grade 8, students and teachers explored a host of age-appropriate lessons. Here are a few: Pre-Kindergarten with

5 Reasons We Always Go Outside to Play

It’s raining, there are puddles everywhere, the wind is blowing and it’s cold! But if you look out on the playgrounds at Baker, you will find children of all ages playing outside. Why do we go outside every day? The time we spend outside every day is an important part of our daily schedules. Outdoor play

Trees Research Takes Second-Graders All Over Campus

Second-graders in Mrs. Rothschild’s class began the semester by studying the science of trees, learning about germination, seed dispersal, pollination, habitats, and the cycle of plants before embarking on a research project about trees on the Baker campus. Students worked in small groups to survey, identify, and catalog nearly 100 trees on our campus; wrote

Sharing Music Among Friends

Baker students from Pre-K to grade 5 gathered Wednesday morning for the Fall Music Share, an annual event that gives students the opportunity to share with their peers what they’ve been learning in music class; to practice performing in an informal environment; and to start the day by making music together! [Baker parents, see the