Baker Grads Excel in Debate

Congratulations to Baker grads Allison Grimsted ’13, a state runner-up in the JV Congressional Debate, and Nina Kaushikkar ’14 and Joseph Mossbridge ’14, state runners-up in novice Public Forum debate.

Count down to the 5K

I feel like I should have something deep to say. It’s been raining a lot so despite my big plans to run more the week before the 5K, I’m still running 2—maybe 3 times a week. Today I finished work early and ran. Bonus run.  It was 74 degrees and 3:00 in the afternoon.  Up

I hate to run, but I love the 5K #4

Here I am at the two week count down to the 5K.  I think about running almost every day.  I had no idea you could think about running this much, and yet I know that I don’t think about it nearly as much as some people do. Can I run today? Do my legs hurt

Baker Parents Serve the World – Anya Tanyavutti

At Baker we strive to instill in our community our values as a school. Often, our parents also live these values out in the world. Current parent, Anya Tanyavutti, is one of these parents. Anya is the mother of a PreK student in Ms. Kim’s PreK class. Below is a conversation between Baker and Anya about

Healthy Sports Drink – Coconut & Lime

This drink’s ingredients are a natural version of popular store bought sports drinks but without the junk your body doesn’t need! Trace mineral drops add to the electrolyte content of the drink. Due to soil depletion, many people do not get enough trace minerals in their diet, so this is an excellent way to incorporate more

Less walking, a little more running. Water. And, why am I gaining weight?

When you run with your Friend, it starts to become a Running Relationship. You work on problems together as if they are your own problems. If she doesn’t stretch enough, it affects her run, so I hassle her about stretching, including the occasional random “did you stretch?” text. If I ate a bagel before the

Latin Happening MMXVII Photos

Screen Shots of Latin Happening Website:                 Marine Archaeology Demonstrations          Latin Happening Pop-Up Museum Photos                                 Click here to be taken back to the article.

Latin Happening MMXVII and the National Latin Exam Results

Latin Happening MMXVII How do we know what our children know? We let them teach us.  Baker’s annual Latin Happening allows our Middle School students the chance to dive deeply into their interests and to explore Roman Civilization with a critical eye. For this year’s Latin Happening, our Middle School students created a fully functioning

I Hate to Run, but I Love the 5K – What I Did to Start…

I needed an Important Person #1, a trainer, to get started. I knew a trainer, who I’d consulted on some other things and felt like I could trust. One day I went to her said, “Trainer,” I said. “I hate to run. Like really hate it. But my son’s school has this 5K, that I

Baker Eighth-Graders Celebrate High School Acceptances – Class of 2017

Baker Demonstration School’s graduating class of 2017 had some very exciting options as they made their high school decisions this spring. In the fall, students submitted applications to the best public and private high schools in Chicago and the North Shore, including all of the selective enrollment public high schools on Chicago’s North Side. After all that