Beth Sycamore

Kindergarten Associate

Beth Sycamore - Kindergarten Associate Teacher

When did you start working at Baker?
2018. That said, I’ve worked on literacy and math research projects with Baker Faculty as a National College of Education graduate student (1982-1985) and as an actively involved as a Baker Parent (2004-2009).

What is your favorite thing about working at Baker?
The abundance of opportunities/resources for Baker students to flourish is unrivaled—green space, art studio, maker space, theater, regulation-sized gym and pool, individualized instruction, logical student/faculty ratio, integrated instruction, play-based curriculum, a strong sense of community, and more.

Where did you earn your degree(s)?
Ripon College; University of Massachusetts at Amherst; National College of Education, Teacher’s College, Columbia University

What is the greatest gift you hope to bestow upon your students?
Guiding students to become risk-takers and independent learners as well as sharing my passion for book-making and active learning experiences.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I enjoy spending time on my island in New Hampshire. There is no electricity or running water—just a tiny cottage, a few kayaks, a paddleboard, and tons of blueberries. It’s a tranquil place in the middle of nowhere to reflect, relax, write, and recharge.