Baker Middle School Arts

While it is a sensitive period in terms of the brain’s development, middle school is a time in the life of children where the opportunity for connection and creativity is infinite. Baker middle school teachers deeply love the age – its attending worries, moments of awkwardness, and opportunities for joy – and care for students’ development – academically and socially – during this time. One hallmark of Baker’s middle school program is the choice-based Arts Core program. Baker middle school students choose two electives each trimester, enabling them to explore a broad array of the Middle School Arts program. 

What matters most in middle school? Caring adults who are in relationship with students and a hands-on curriculum that engages students actively in authentic work. 

Here is a close-up view of some of the Baker Arts Core goings-on this week:

Let’s Face it: Portraiture in Art with Ms. Toole

After learning the technical aspects of proportion, shape and shading for each facial feature, artists chose a photo to draw as their final project. They are putting all their skills together into this portrait. They are first blocking out the proportions and then going in with a variety of drawing and shading pencils to add the details and shading to bring them to life.
Portraits Portraiture in Arts Baker Middle School Arts drawing and shading core arts program 

Comedy of Errors, Players with Mr. Andrew

acting classes at Baker Baker’s The Comedy of Errors Play Play Rehearsal at Baker

We are nearing the end of our rehearsal process for Baker’s The Comedy of Errors! We’ve finished blocking the script with Mr. Martin and Mr. Andrew. Now that we are off-book, we are incorporating the props, costumes, sounds, set pieces, and lighting of the design class. As actors dig deeper into their characters and define their moments, they will take more and more ownership of their characters and really make this performance their own. We are all excited to share what we create with our families and friends on February 28th at 6:30pm or during school on February 21st at 11:30am in Carlson!

Makerspace with Ms. Crawford
Makerspace kids are finishing up their final projects, which include  Makey Makey games, coding games, digital art, 3D printed designs, laser-cut boxes, and animated characters.  Students continue to reinforce the design process; creating, prototyping, revising. Can’t wait for Arts Core Share Day!

Baker Middle School Makerspace Digital Art at Baker 3D Printed Designs - Baker Middle School Arts Program Animated characters - Baker Arts Digital Art - Baker Arts Core

Baker Choir with Dr. C

Baker Choir has been taking their responsibilities in leading the school very seriously.  Their performance at our Black Lives Matter assembly was well done. We’ve been working on blending and parts and are looking forward to developing more repertoire over the coming months.

Comedy of Errors, Design with Mr. Andrew
design disciplines (lighting, set, costume, props, and sound) design drafts for Baker's play Props for Baker's theater

We have spent the past few weeks exploring the different design disciplines (lighting, set, costume, props, and sound), explored our concept (silent film) and “look” through picture research, and made our first and second drafts of our design. Students have plastered the back wall of Carlson with all of our research and design drafts! We are now starting to create our pieces! Keep an eye out as our students put out the call for costumes, props, and all the things we need to make our designs a reality. We also have a budget, thanks to a small grant to help us purchase anything we can’t beg or borrow. In this way, students are getting a real education on how theatre is done in the real world. We are all excited to share what we create with our families and friends on February 28th at 6:30pm or during school on February 21st at 11:30am in Carlson!

Photography class with Mr. Hagy

Photographers went on a photo walk to Lighthouse Beach where we observed some cool ice formations from the waves splashing and the shoreline trees. Also, photographers Emma and Leila went on assignment and documented Mrs. Mohr’s class light water on fire. 

Baker's Photography Class       Baker's Photography Class Students

 Photo by Theo                        Photo by Emma 

Come Dance with Me with Ms. Dow

Students this trimester are currently focused on two separate pieces. The Monday/Tuesday group has been working on a contemporary lyrical number that is challenging on many levels. They are pushing their limits with timing and musicality, learning to pause and extend the movement into the next step. Rising to the occasion as always, they are really looking good with this number! The Wednesday/Thursday class has been focusing on an upbeat – swing jazz number that is FAST! The attention to detail in this number really has the students focused. Smiles all around as they work together fine-tuning this piece each week.
contemporary lyrical number Dance practice at Baker swing jazz piece for Baker's play

Open Studio with Ms. Toole
Trying new art techniques at Baker Baker Art Students Exploring new and old art techniques Baker students stretching their imaginations Creating books in art class Students used screens to pull a piece of paper

While some artists are diving deep within their chosen media and theme, other artists are stretching and exploring and trying new materials and techniques. One new thing was papermaking! Interested artists created their own pulp and used screens to pull a piece of paper. They played around with adding color to the pulp and even sewing on the dried paper, turning them into books. 

Band with Dr. C

Members of the Baker Band performed for judges at the IGSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival this past weekend!  They took on difficult solos and ensemble pieces that required a lot of preparation and artistry. Everyone did extremely well and had a ton of fun.