Wandering Wednesday #14

It struck me today as we were outside in the frigid (new vocabulary word) weather, that the experience of braving the cold to get outdoors is an incredibly valuable one.  Sadly, in regions of the world that go through many months of winter, the majority of people spend their entire day indoors going from fluorescent

Kindergarten learning from Wandering Wednesday in Wilmette

Wandering Wednesday #13

Today’s Wandering Wednesday was shorter than usual (thank you Chicago weather), but we were still able to pack in some wonderful moments. Before heading out this morning, we read two books about animal homes: Mama Dug a Little Den and Over and Under the Snow. These books gave us beautiful insight into the hidden worlds of
Kindergarten students at Penny Park in Evanston dynamic learning

Wandering Wednesday #12

It felt good to be back wandering again! With our Thanksgiving break it felt like a long wait for this Wednesday. Today’s Wandering Wednesday was about two things: learning about architecture/building and picking out all the places we could play with the letter P! Today we took the CTA 201 bus again, but this time

Baker Demonstration School elementary class outdoor learning during Wandering Wednesday

Wandering Wednesday # 10

I have to start today by saying thank you to each of you for your trust in us as we took your children outside in the 18 degree weather.  On a day that us adults don’t really want to be outside, it is hard to knowingly send children outside for an extended period of time.

Wandering Wednesday #8

As predicted, today was our toughest weather by far!  If I’m being totally honest, it was tough out there.  I mean, how often does anybody willingly go out into the rain? Especially when it’s 38 degrees outside. But, here’s the beauty…on the way out the door, nobody was complaining! Everyone was very well prepared; both

Wandering Wednesday #5

Well, we were hoping for rain and it finally happened! Rain provided opportunities for our Kindergarten class to jump in puddles, play with mud, and get nice and dirty! New weather brings new experiences! Today was our first experience taking public transportation to our location.  This week it was the 423 Pace Bus to Erikson

Kindergarten students walking outside during Wandering Wednesday

Wandering Wednesday #3

Today was the perfect day to wander.  We’re getting spoiled with all this beautiful weather.  My hope is that we’re building up enough love and excitement for Wandering Wednesdays to carry us through the more difficult weather days. We began our day by stopping for a snack near the gardens of the Baha’i Temple. As
Kindergarten class play-based learning in Evanston

Wandering Wednesday #1

It was a wonderful Wandering Wednesday! Our first adventure was everything we hoped it would be! We gathered in the morning to greet one another, to talk about what to expect for the day, to use the potty, and to read a book about the joy of being outdoors.  We walked over to Lighthouse Beach