A Week in the Life of Baker First Graders

Posted by Melissa Makagon Taking a Stand Against Racism with our Buddies First graders joined with our fifth grade buddies to participate in a discussion about racism and make posters for the Stand Against Racism. As you know, these discussions are not just a one time event but infused in our curriculum all year. This

A Love of Learning: Living History at Baker

Posted by Kerah Sandler Progressive Principle #3: We cultivate each child’s inherent love of learning We were so fortunate this week to experience Civil War Living History Day! Students participated in six programs during this immersive experience on Monday: Medicine, Artillery, Infantry, Music, and Photography, and a visit from Harriet Tubman. During the Medicine program,

A Chronicle of Adventure #2

Posted by Tracy Aiden Adventure #2 was a huge success! Here are the highlights from our day: Turkey, cheese, and jelly were the sandwich fixin’s the children asked me to get from the grocery store yesterday. Along with chips and bottled water, the children all enjoyed making their own lunches this morning. They als have

5th Graders and the Beloved Community

Posted by Kerah Sandler Progressive Principle #9: We actively teach community-building skills and concepts that foster collaboration, inclusion, and service to others This week we transitioned from our Baker Business School unit to our Civil War unit, from studying the history of labor movements to the history of the Civil Rights Movement and its pre-abolition

5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Preschool

Posted by Merle Scharmann Early Childhood classrooms are like a symphony to me. The work is both consonant and dissonant – every detail is intricately woven. As a veteran Early Childhood educator, I get many questions about young children and programs that support their growth. As a Progressive Educator, I relish the questions and how

It’s February: A Picture of 4th grader’s Inquiry Work

Posted by Anna Phillips Can you believe it’s about to be February? It feels like the past month since our winter break has just flown by, and this past week was no exception. This week student dove even deeper into our current inquiry unit, generating even more discussion, questions and connections. Students started with a

4th grader Entrepreneurs and the Baker Business School Market

Posted by Tiffany Rampey Progressive Principal of the Week/Theme: We cultivate each child’s inherent love of learning What an exciting event yesterday’s BBS Market was for all of our students. This culminating experience was a celebration of the long weeks of diligent work required to prepare for this day. The fourth and fifth grade students

4A News: Wonder!

It was a busy and fun week of school in 4A! As each day passes we continue to learn more about one another and create a safe and warm classroom community, which is right in-line with one of Baker’s Progressive Principles: We actively teach community-building skills. Each week I will start the newsletter by highlighting

The Power of Puzzles: Four Ways Puzzles Develop Learning

Posted by Kim Johns I couldn’t resist ordering two new snowmen puzzles last weekend to add to our extensive class collection. The puzzle table is a place that isn’t always found in preschool classrooms today, but it is alive and well in Pre-K C. We have puzzles ranging from the 8 piece wooden frame variety

Studio Habits of Mind in the Baker Art Studio

Posted by Julie Toole The guiding forces in Baker’s Teaching for Artistic Behaviors (TAB) Art Studio program are the Studio Habits of Mind (SHoM) from Studio Thinking 2: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education by Lois Hetland. A group of researchers analyzed successful art programs to discover what skills students were learning in these