Alumni Open 30-Year Time Capsule

Baker’s inaugural Spring Fling family festival last Sunday included a special event for returning alumni and faculty: the opening of a 30-year-old, student-made time capsule and the dedication of its successor, a plastic treasure chest marked for safekeeping until 2046.

Created in 1986 by middle school students under the guidance of social studies teacher Lisa Mozer, the time capsule included such treasures as a floppy disk, a pocket calculator, a 22-cent stamp, a 1980s slang dictionary, an income tax form, a VHS tape of newscasts, a Rick Sutcliffe baseball card, and many photos of student life at Baker.

[Chicago Tribune: Baker Students Look Back, Look Forward]

“In a million years, I could not have imagined that I would be working here 30 years later to see it opened,” said Mozer, who now is one of Baker’s two Directors of Teaching and Learning. “It was wonderful to see everyone again.”

Joining us for the grand opening were Jenny Elesh Ahern ’87, Jake Chaitkin ’87, Brad Cornelius ’87, Frank Gidcumb ’92, Andrew Gurvey ’89, David Kamish ’87, Cinda Lester ’87, Megan Moulden ’88; former faculty members Tom Beck, Rickie Crown, Marcia Kraut, and Faye Tatel; and special guests Richard ’39 and Sammye Axelrood.

For the new time capsule, Baker middle school students followed a process similar to their predecessors, compiling cultural artifacts about topics such as fine arts, music, family, religion, entertainment, sports, recreation, food, transportation, technology, economics, government, education, and language.

Among the items preserved in a plastic time capsule for 2046 are Apple logo stickers, a smartphone, a poster from Baker’s middle school dance, a picture of Kobe Bryant, a computer hard drive, a Baker car magnet, a poster supporting LGBTQ rights, Pokemon cards, an Egg McMuffin wrapper, a list of this year’s top 10 songs, and a ticket stub for The Hunger Games.

Thank you for coming! For more information about alumni events, please contact Gena Johnson, our Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations. We’d love to hear from you!