Written by: 4th Grade Baker Parent

Why? I really do think it’s amazing that every year the whole school runs a 5K together. I see our school supporting physical fitness, building community and giving our kids (and all of us) a challenge to grow physically and emotionally to complete this task.What is this? An ongoing journal of a parent who has never run, had no desire to run, yet finds herself training for a 5K.

Who am I? A mom of a 4th grader. A speech pathologist. A playwright. An ‘older’ mom. A sometimes room parent, an art room helper, and as of this year, a member of the wellness committee for the BPO.

To give some background, when my son was in first grade and ran the 5k for the first time, I was in grad school and had a morning class. I felt guilty missing it, but also relieved to be able to say no to the 5k. Second grade: same deal. Grad school schedule, dad stepped in again, I felt guilty yet relieved. Third grade was on the horizon, due to grad school I had literally not exercised in any meaningful way in about three years. And I don’t say that like those people who say, “I never make it to the gym!” but follow it up with, “I only went once last week.” Occasionally I would take the stairs instead of the elevator to the third floor when I had a meeting with my supervisor—there was that. I joined a gym that my friend belonged to and did some interval stuff on a treadmill to try to get ready for the 5K. I planned on walk/running the course.

Things I did not count on:

  • My son had grown taller
  • He liked running
  • It was something like 93 degrees the day of the 5K

I’ll be a little dramatic. I thought I was going to die.

I also tend to turn bright red; when laughing, when embarrassed, when I’ve had one drink, and when I exercise. So, during the 5k, probably due to the heat, and possibly due to the agony on my face, I had several course monitors ask me if I was ok with real concern in their voices. But I did walk/run almost the whole thing (there was a survival short cut at the end there) and my son was very proud of me.

This year I plan to run again. I first told myself it was just because my son asked me to, but then I also realized that, despite the fact I still feel any other form of exercise would be preferable over running, I really do want to do the 5k. It’s a challenge. In order to train for it, I have to see myself differently. In order to do it, I have to do something I normally wouldn’t. So here we go.

Next time: What I did to start…

P.S. Julie Toole, Baker’s Art Teacher, will be leading a run/walk group on Wednesday’s after school. Join her from 3:45 – 4:30 for a fun, quick workout with other Baker parents!