2017 Baker 5K Overview

Event Overview

Baker students, families, faculty, staff, and friends come together each spring to celebrate physical fitness and community spirit at the Baker 5K, a cooperative run completed by all students in grades 1-8.

Reflecting Baker’s commitment to daily physical education as an integral part of child-centered learning, the 5K was created in 2004 to provide a healthy challenge for students to become stronger mentally and physically. It is the culmination of Sneaker Week, a week of specialized P.E. classes featuring guest instructors and new sports. In keeping with our progressive philosophies, the 5K is not a competition, but a key part of Baker’s goal of instilling in students a lifelong commitment to physical health and fitness. Students run with, not against, each other.

The event takes place at Wilmette’s Gillson Park, featuring students and teachers arrayed in a rainbow of brightly colored T-shirts identifying each grade group. Faculty, staff, and parents coordinate the event, run the course with the children, and cheer them on.

Support the 5K

Thank you to our generous sponsors and donors for financially supporting the 5K and our healthy living initiative.

5K Resources

Visit our resource page for our 5K blog, training plans, and more!

Contact Us

Please reach us by phone at (847) 425-5800 or by email at baker5k@bakerdemschool.org.

Baker 5K