The devastating flooding in Louisiana in August of this year has left many without homes and with little resources. Thankfully, few in our school know what it is like to endure this type of loss.
The Baker Community has come together to help address one of the needs created by this disaster after being inspired by Julie Toole, our fantastic art teacher, who brought this blog post, written by an educator in Louisiana, to our attention. The faculty and staff were immediately inspired to join in the effort, followed quickly by our generous families dedicated to Baker’s mission of serving the world. The author, Trey Veazey, wrote his piece with the hope that he would inspire others to help rebuild the countless elementary school libraries whose entire collections were lost in the flood.  As a community we have collected hundreds of books to send to school libraries in Louisiana, helping restock the shelves for young readers.
We are grateful to all who participated in this effort. Thank you for teaching our children to “serve the world” by putting that practice into action.