Baker Demonstration School

Mark Your Calendars!

Baker is proud to co-sponsor
the Family Action Network's
event with Claude Steele, Ph.D,
author of the best-selling book
"Whistling Vivaldi: How
Stereotypes Affect Us and
What We Can Do." Monday,
December 8 at 7pm in the ETHS
Auditorium. Click here.

BPO Faculty Appreciation

It's time for the annual Pie
Drive! Let's  thank our
wonderful faculty by sending
every staff member home with
a Thanksgiving pie. Click here
to sign up.

Middle School at Baker

Hear from Baker alumni,
teachers and administrators
on Tuesday, Dec 9 from
7-8:30pm. Current and
prospective parents are
welcome. RSVP here.



Head of School Dan Schwartz Bio Blog (847) 425-5800
Director of Teaching and Learning Denise Boswell (847) 425-5800
Director of Teaching and Learning Lisa Mozer (847) 425-5800
Director of Admissions and Marketing Hilary Holder (847) 425-5813
Director of Advancement Karen Meyer (847) 425-5818

Director of Finance and Operations

Arona Puttrich

(847) 425-5817
Athletic Director Patrick Dunafin (847) 425-5827
PLĀ Coordinator Nancy Perla (847) 425-5838
Information Systems Manager Brian Hagy (847) 425-5848
Marketing Communications Stacey Evans (847) 425-5871
Graphic Design Orilla Fetro (847) 425-5837
Nurse Anne Riggs (847) 425-5816
Executive Assistant to the Head Shila Tuchman (847) 425-5800
Assistant to the Director of Finance and Operations Janine Brown (847) 425-5811
Administrative Assistant Moncina Jackson (847) 425-5800

Early Childhood

Toddler Lori Widlicka Bio Blog
Pre-K A Stacy Buehler Bio Blog
Pre-K B Kim Johns Bio Blog
Pre-K C Sara Angres Bio Blog
Jr. Kindergarten Lisa Kampwirth Bio Blog
Kindergarten A Tracy Aiden Bio Blog
Kindergarten B Liz Barlock Bio Blog

Team in the Middle

Grade 1 Melissa Makagon Bio Blog
Grade 1/2 Merle Scharmann Bio Blog
Grade 2 Dana O'Brien Bio Blog
Grade 2 Carin Peacock Bio Blog
Grade 3 Jennifer Levy Bio Blog
Grade 3 Noel Pfannerstill Bio Blog
Grade 4 Jackie Haug Bio Blog
Grade 4 Tiffany Rampey Bio Blog
Grade 5 Kerah Sandler Bio Blog
Grade 5 Amy Deuble Bio Blog

Middle School Team

English Jon Bingaman Bio Blog
Mathematics Dennis Gallagher Bio Blog
Mathematics Chris Stader Bio Blog
Social Studies Christina Frum Bio Blog
Science Natasha Itkin Bio Blog
Latin Tyler Leach Bio Blog

All School Team

Art Julie Toole Bio Blog
Drama Lizanne Wilson Bio Blog
Library Karrie Fisher Bio Blog
Music Jamee Guerra Bio Blog
Phys Ed Tom Beck Bio Blog
Phys Ed Patrick Dunafin Bio Blog
Spanish Barb Pietroski Bio Blog
Technology Becky Crawford Bio Blog

Student Services Team

Learning Behavior Specialist Judy Gould Bio
Learning Behavior Specialist Terri Nitahara Bio
Learning Behavior Specialist Carly Schulman Bio  
Social Worker Reyna Smith Bio